Casey Anthony: Partying Was Frequent While Daughter Was Missing

As we had been led to believe, it appears that Casey Anthony was a carefree young woman who gave no hint that her daughter had disappeared. This is according to her former friends who testified today at her murder trial.

From Reuters:

“She seemed normal. Happy. Like everything was fine,” said Nathan Lezniewicz on the second day of testimony in Casey Anthony’s first-degree murder trial in Orlando.

Lezniewicz roomed at the time with Casey’s then-boyfriend Tony Lazzaro and two other young college men at an Orlando apartment.

Lezniewicz said he was at a local nightclub when Casey entered a “hot body” contest. Jurors saw a photograph of her and Lezniewicz grinning at the club.

“She was partying, having a good time,” testified Roy “Clint” House, another roommate.

House said Casey gave clothing and sales advice to “shot girls” who sold premium liquor by the shot glass at the club.

Casey began living at the apartment nearly full-time after Caylee’s death, the roommates said.

“When she started staying at the apartment on a regular basis, that’s when we stopped seeing Caylee,” House said.

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2 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Partying Was Frequent While Daughter Was Missing”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    It was all some pretty revealing Testimony for the Jury to hear (and see— with the Inclusion of the Store Videotape of Casey and Tony Lazzaro with their Arms around each other at “Blockbuster”, on the same night of the Day Caylee reportedly died). All 4 Witnesses claimed that Casey was not Scared, Depressed, Anxious, or in any way whatsoever
    “different” than she had always been— although, while one female Friend did state that she thought Casey was a good Mother and always took Care of Caylee, another said that at one point when she was visiting Casey at Tony’s Apartment, Caylee was out on the Balcony by herself. One thing I’m wondering is whether Tony Lazzaro was ever Questioned about Casey’s “Nightmares” when she stayed at his Apartment, and about the night he woke-up and observed her sitting-up in the Bed, Crying, while watching some Coverage of Caylee’s
    “Disappearance” on TV. Unless we’re just not hearing about it, there seems to be things like that, among other things, being “skipped-over” during both yesterday’s and today’s Questioning of the Witnesses called so far… at least to me.

    Not on Topic:
    One thing I heard brought-up on TV by a Psychoanalyst that I found interesting…. Jose Baez has stated that Casey is “Incapable of showing Emotion” due to the effects of her “Abuse”— Yet, as we ourselves have witnessed, Casey has NO problem showing Emotion in the Courtroom, when it suits her.
    Also, on the Accussations of “Sexual Abuse” by George, would anyone believe— knowing how CINDY Anthony is (“Wears the Pants in the Family”, is “Controlling”, “Nosey”, etc)— that George would get up out of the Bed they shared, at any point of the Day or Night, slip into Casey’s room, and “spend time” there, WITHOUT Cindy being aware of it and kicking the Shit out of him? In addition, those “Letters” Casey wrote to her Jailhouse Friend about George and Lee do NOT say that her Father did ANYthing to her— only that she “THOUGHT” he did. At 8-years-old, you WOULD remember— Specifically and CLEARLY. Further, Statistics show that Females who have been Sexually-Abused and grow-up to have their own Children, are extremely “Protective” and never allow them to be left alone with a Man they don’t Trust. It’s just not done. Hopefully, The Prosecution will “adjust” their Direction, and Tackle and Rip-apart all this Bull Shit the Defense wants the Jury to believe as “Facts”, and just Eliminate ALL of it, and move-on with the REAL ones. It would be easy to do.

  2. carol sherman Says:

    There are several key red flags that abuse of some sort exited in the Anthony home. The one that stands out the most is the fact that no matter how hard George Anthony tried he could not get Casey alone without her attorney or get her to change her attorney. If her dad was her hero, as is with most girls, she would heed her Dad’s advice, especially, since her dad has a history of law enforcement experience. Her decision to keep Mr. Baez is probably the only decision, Miss Anthonys has ever been allowed to do on her own. You might remember her mother, Cindy Anthony, used her finger to command Casey to turn back and forth to show her stomach in the court room when questioned why she did not notice Casey’s pregnancy. Her son on the other hand testified that she knew early on and told him to stay out of it and he obeyed like he was a child. Did anyone besides me catch that? George Anthony gets angry and beligerent with Mr. Baez, because he is used to controlling people, to include the media and the police, and he is unable to do so with Mr. Baez. The only defense George Anthony has against Mr. Baez is to “turn on the tears” and he is a disgrace to himself and other decent men that hold their head up high and simply answer the questions honestly without all the excuses. George Anthony has more excuses than the prosecution has depositions in their entire career.

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