Casey Anthony: Neighbor Claims She Borrowed Shovel

According to testimony today, Casey Anthony asked a neighbor to borrow a shovel two days after her daughter Caylee was last seen alive.

From the Associated Press:

Caylee was last seen on June 16, 2008. One of the grandparents’ neighbors, Brian Burner, testified that Anthony asked him June 18 if she could borrow a shovel to “dig up a bamboo root.” She returned the shovel about an hour later, he said.

Burner also said he remembered seeing Anthony’s white car backed into the garage on the afternoon of June 16.

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10 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Neighbor Claims She Borrowed Shovel”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    This little piece of the Puzzle has me somewhat Baffled. Although we know about the Computer Searches, I’m still trying to figure-out a logical reason why anyone would actually look-up “Shovel”.
    I mean, even if Casey was “Pre-meditating” Caylee’s Murder and was planning-on Burying her, she’s not THAT Stupid to already know that a Shovel would be neccessary. Now, granted, there ARE different KINDS of Shovels, made for different types of Digging… But what the heck would that really matter to her, and WAS she that “Committed” and Smart enough to actually want to “Investigate” AND acquire a particular or “right one” for the Job. Obviously, since she simply went NextDoor and borrowed one, she didn’t know ahead of time what type her Neighbor had, nor did she care, as long as she got one. Okay, so what DID she do with that Shovel? I do happen to know that Bamboo Roots are extremely hard to Dig out, and a certain type of Shovel does make this Job easier…. But did the Authorities FIND any Bamboo Roots “Dug-up” in The Anthony’s yard?.. Was there ANY evidence of recent “Digging” there at all?.. I don’t recall ever hearing anything ABOUT that, NOR did The Prosecution ask the Neighbor on the Stand today if he heard any “Chopping” going-on NextDoor after he gave the Shovel TO her. Mr. Burner added only that Casey “came back” with the Shovel in about an Hour. He stated that he witnessed her “Backing-in” the Driveway before she went over to his House, but did he see her Drive OUT after she took the Shovel?.. (I don’t know that these Questions were asked). We do know that there was no “DNA” on the Shovel itself, but then again, would we really expect there to be?.. She would only use the Shovel to “Dig”— not to “lift-up” a Bag with a Body inside. She would do that by Hand. Anyway, while Mr. Burner’s Testimony confirmed what we had already heard– and I would think it couldn’t help but take the Juror’s minds to the same place ours have leaned-toward— the Issue of the “Shovel”, as it stands right now, doesn’t mean or “clench” anything for me.

  2. offthecuff Says:

    I think the shovel ties in because it shows that she is trying to do something with the body. Her dad had shovels, but the shed was locked, and she didn’t have a pry bar like Tony.

    She was unsuccessful or didn’t think she could accomplish her intent, but that doesn’t make the shovel irrelevant.

    The shovel points to another odd Casey moment.

  3. zelda Says:

    I agree “offthecuff”………every little iota of casey’s movements during that time tell a story.
    I think the shovel is huge and very telling. Did anyone check to see if there is “bamboo” that was dug up in the yard?And why would casey want to dig it up?Was she into yard work?Why would she choose to do it THEN?Had she been seen in the last year doing heavy yard work?Has she EVER been seen doing anything like that?
    She has shown that she was interested in doing NOTHING but painting her nails and partying…………so she all of a sudden decides to dig up a bamboo root??? OH FOR GAWDS SAKE. I WOULD BANG THAT HOME OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN TO THE JURY.IT proves ONE MORE TIME that casey is a pathological liar.
    SO………..what was she doing with the shovel…………hmmmmmm????? What does anyone use a shovel for?I WOULD WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE BAMBOO ROOT…….WHERE THE HELL IS IT?hAS IT BEEN MESSED WITH ,,,,,,,,,WHY DID IT NEED TO BE DUG UP,,,,,,,,,,,,,MY GAWD…………ALL OF THIS DEFENSE IS ABSURD…….

  4. Honeydog Says:

    Right, Zelda. That’s what I’m saying… All those Questions you brought-up… I want to KNOW. I didn’t mean to imply that I don’t think the Shovel is Relevant or doesn’t Prove anything; It’s that there’s been hardly any Information or Reports on ANY of those points which would make it a stronger piece of Evidence for me NOT to be Confused about.
    Compared to everything else we know that we can usually figure-out, the Shovel thing is Vague. I’m hoping it gets presented, and with all those Questions answered.

  5. zelda Says:

    I watched the proceedings today for a bit …….they had george up there again.I thought he did well……….and at this juncture I think he is telling the truth on everything.
    There is something repugnant about that baez…….he is almost a cartoon poster boy for “lawyer weasel” types, and I don’t think he is too smart.I watched him in sidebar talking to the judge,,,,,,,he was smiling and cocky at some points.I am surprised at Perry too.I hope he has a handle on all of this. He didn’t allow the prosecution to enter some IM’s between casey and one of her many boyfriends…………and frankly I thought that was short sighted of Perry. He didn’t seem to “get” how important all that was to the foundation of presenting motive.
    I don’t think I will watch much of the trial……… makes me nuts when something stupid comes down.Of course that is my opinion.
    So my final grade for the day … A
    Perry C
    Baez saj(stupid arrogant jerk)


    I made a comment about the shovel she borrow from the neighborer,Caylee died on the 16th of June why in the heck would she need to dig up bamboo root two days after her
    daughter death!!!! we no that George had shovels because Baez ask that question today at him!!!!Why would he send Casey over at the Neighborer to borrow one Help!!!!!

  7. Honeydog Says:

    Hi *Yvonne*. As we’ve been saying, the whole
    “Shovel” thing is still a Mystery which we hope will be further addressed in the Courtroom at some point.
    To try to answer your Questions, George didn’t
    “send” Casey nextdoor to borrow a Shovel— Neither of Casey’s Parents were Home at the time, and Casey tried to get into the Shed to get one, but it was Locked, so she asked the Neighbor for his. We don’t KNOW why, or for WHAT she REALLY wanted the Shovel— To “Dig-up Bamboo Roots” is just what was REPORTED (although our “Logic” tells us this more-than-likely wasn’t the Reason). As for borrowing it two Days AFTER Caylee allegedly “Drowned”… Your Guess is as good as ours. Our Minds can surely wander on that one. My best Guess is that Caylee wasn’t where Casey wanted to “put” her yet (i.e: she just had her “stashed” someplace temporarily), and it just happened to be two Days later that she decided-on a spot to Dig a Hole for permanent placement. Again, who knows. We’ll have to wait and see if this Issue comes up sometime in future Proceedings.

  8. Honeydog Says:

    Zelda~ I absolutely believe George too. I honestly don’t know whether I agree or not about the Significance of Casey’s “Romps in the Sack”, as I kind of think the Jury has already figured-out that Casey was a Slut (ooops, I mean Promiscuous) and liked Running-around and Partying— and yet, on the other Hand, going a little deeper into it may very-well have revealed some additional “Bombshells” which would serve The Prosecution well. Who knows. (I have to inject here that I found it weird when Baez asked Ricardo Morales if he had ever been “Intimate” with Casey while Caylee was in the Bed with them, or in front of her or something, and Ricardo answered “Not to my Knowledge”. What kind of frickin answer is THAT??!! Who’s Knowledge WOULD it be then??? I’LL tell ya.. He and Casey were probably too Drunk in the Bed with Caylee to even REMEMBER. Of course, Baez let that one slip right on THROUGH, DIDN’T he)…
    I know what you mean about this Trial already… I’m watching every day, including all the “Follow-up” on HLN, and it’s Crazy, and all over the place, and my Head is hurting, and I can’t stand Casey Anthony worse than I did, and Baez just puts the Icing on the Cake of my already-Hatred for Defense Attorneys in these kinds of Cases. I’m gonna hang in there, but, with only 4 Days into it, it’s been quite Overwhelming already, to say the least.

  9. Someone set up Casey? That shovel search really bugs me too.
    Baez really bugs me. The whole thing is surreal and weird.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t think Casey was watching Callie properly since the parents were not home. I think she drowned accidently and having the problems that Casey has she panicked. She put the child in the bag and kept her in her trunk for 2 days and that is why she didnt borrow the shovel until 2 days after the death. The use “digging up bamboo root” as an excuse for borrowing the shovel because she has probably seen her mom do it before. Since it wasn’t reported for over a month, there wouldn’t be any evidence of a freshly dug up bamboo root nor would there be one in the trash. This whole thing is very sad to me. Everytime I see pictures of little Callie I think of my 4 yr old granddaughter and I don’t see how anyone could just put a child in a bag like trash and throw them in the woods. I don’t believe Casey will get the death penalty because I haven’t seen anything yet that shows she was the one that killed her. This is only my opinion though based on what I’ve seen and read and heard about the trial. There are other things that could have happened I just don’t see any evidence.

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