Casey Anthony: Expert Believes She Must Take Stand

During opening statements yesterday in the trial of Casey Anthony, her defense lawyers claimed that her daughter accidentally drowned and her family covered it up.

So how is the defense going to explain all of this? According to one expert, this means that Casey MUST take the stand.

From the Associated Press:

“In Session” Correspondent Beth Karas was in court when the bombshell was dropped.

Karas said Casey Anthony will have to give her testimony — because she’s the only person who can tell the story the defense is offering.

“The scenario that her lead defense attorney, Jose Baez, painted of the death of Caylee — her father, George, finding Caylee dead in the swimming pool, as Casey came around the other side of the house in tears, can only be explained by Casey Anthony,” she said. “There’s no one else.”

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2 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Expert Believes She Must Take Stand”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    Let’s just hope that The Prosecution has already laid-out and covered everything Neccessary, Relevant, and Significant for the Jury to see and hear, before this happens. I think, in ANY situation, you should know everything there is to know FIRST, and THEN hear what someone has to say, for the right “Balance” and less Confusion. In any Case, whether it’s the only thing to do or not, every Attorney and Legal Analyst I’ve listened-to where this Subject is concerned, says that The Prosecution will tear her apart. I believe that The Defense has made a huge Mistake in trying to run with the pile of Shit they’ve presented. No doubt the Jury will clearly know ahead of time that Casey is a Pathological Liar, and, really, regardless of her even potentially ADMITTING her past Lies, what will Casey Swearing-on-the-Bible and taking the Stand “Change”….

  2. Honeydog Says:

    I’ve been wondering about The Prosecution’s lack of a more “Strong” and “Impacting” Approach to pointing-out certain things to the Jury as they’ve gone along, which they indeed COULD, if they only would. It was mentioned by Stacey Honowitz (Florida Prosecutor) that, especially, after Cindy gave her Agonizing Testimony, and after the Jury had listened to all the Tapes, The Prosecution should have brought Casey’s lack/absence of Grief, Emotion, etc during all of it, to the Attention of the Jurors— Like, this Defendent, who wants us to believe that her Daughter meant the World to her, STILL, after three years, shows no Feeling over Losing her, and in such a Horrific manner… This is not “Normal” (and using Words like “Calous” to drive-home Casey’s potential “Capabilities”). Stacey stated that this type of thing CAN be done in the Courtroom, and would serve to significantly help Bolster their Case. Now that she mentions it, I don’t understand why The Prosecution isn’t taking Advantage of such critical points in time, and can only Guess that, perhaps they are “Waiting” to include things like this if and when they have Casey to themselves on the Stand, or in their Closing Arguments. Interesting though….

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