Casey Anthony: Opening Statements Underway…

Casey Anthony openly cried this morning while prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick presented her two-hour opening statement.

How did you think the prosecution did today?

From CNN:

Burdick devoted the first half of her statement to painstakingly detailing Casey Anthony’s actions and movements every day during the 31 days that Caylee was missing between June 16 and July 15, 2008 with the constant refrain of “Where was Caylee Marie Anthony?” She cited cell phone records and statements of family members and friends, contrasting what Casey Anthony was telling her mother with what the evidence shows she was actually doing.

Burdick’s presentation laid out a sort of alternate timeline of the places Casey Anthony claimed to be over the next month to deflect Cindy Anthony’s almost-daily queries about where her granddaughter was, including an extended trip to Tampa for a conference (for the job at Universal Studios that she falsely claimed she still had), where Zanny supposedly got into an accident and Casey needed to stay to care for her at a hospital while Caylee stayed in a hotel with Juliette and Annabelle, two women who prosecutors say did not exist.

From USA Today:

Drane-Burdick asked jurors, between descriptions of how Casey Anthony spent her days shopping, visiting friends and hanging out with her boyfriend with no signs of her daughter, “Where is Caylee Marie Anthony?”

The prosecutor described Casey Anthony’s appearance as a hardworking single mother as false.

“Casey Anthony … appeared to be … a loving mother, trying to provide support for her daughter,” Drane-Burdick said. “But as the evidence in this case will show, that was an illusion.”

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One Comment on “Casey Anthony: Opening Statements Underway…”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    I think The Prosecution did Fine… Well-organized, Thorough, Detailed, “Understandable” Words, and, Yes— the best part was that she cleverly kept CAYLEE the Focus. I was SO glad for that. I was impressed that Linda did not resort to “Bounding” all over the Courtroom, forcefully Hooting and Hollering and Hyping everything up. Rather, her smooth and subtle Delivery was Compelling, Believable, and, from what I understand, held the Jury in intense Attention. She never gave the Impression that she was “Acting” or “obviously” trying to “Score Points” with the Jurors. I think the one and only Mistake she made was not giving the Jury the “Heads-up” on how The Defense was going to attempt to say that Caylee’s Death was an “Accident”, and/or their Intention to put the Blame on someone else. She definitely could have, and the whole thing would have been Complete and Perfect and more Advantageous. In not even mentioning it, I don’t think the Jurors could have HELPED flip-flopping their original Thoughts and being more Impacted by what Baez suddenly came-out with. Too late now, but all in all, I was not Disappointed in The Prosecution. They can be “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, and “In like a Lamb.. Out like a Lion”….

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