Casey Anthony: Father Dismisses Defense Claims

George Anthony is dismissing allegations that his granddaughter, Caylee Anthony, accidentally drowned in the family swimming pool while he was at home.

From the Associated Press:

George Anthony, also denied that he ever had sexually molested his daughter. Casey’s defense attorney made the claims in opening statements Tuesday.

Prosecutors say Caylee died from duct tape being placed over her mouth and nose. They said during opening statements that all the evidence points to Casey Anthony as the killer.

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9 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Father Dismisses Defense Claims”

  1. Sherry Says:

    Good for him! That is an awful claim to make! I hope that his lawyer takes Baez to court for falsely accusing him.

  2. carol Says:

    I think it’s terrible for the defence to to blame george.I wish that the judge could do something about it. And if she drowned in the pool why didn’t she call 911. She is so guilty and is trying to put the blame on her father because she has nobody else.
    I was touched when I was a kid and nothing was done about it. But that’s not going to make me kill my daughter.

  3. Honeydog Says:

    As a former Police Officer, the man was TRAINED in “CPR”— If he had in-truth found Caylee in the Pool, NO FRICKIN WAY would he NOT have performed it right then and there… And you know damn-well that he WOULD have called 911 in a HEARTbeat. As he stated on the Stand, there was NOTHING he wouldn’t have done to save his Grand-daughter’s Life. Additionally, he stated (in other words) that if it WERE an “Accident”— and in the way it was presented— there would be no need to be there at this Trial. No. There wouldn’t be. Further, it is the most OUTRAGEOUS thing to Incinuate that he “Helped” Casey “Cover it up”— There is no reason whatsoever for him to want OR need to “Cover-up” a misfortunate “Accident”, no matter HOW Devastating it would have been for him.

    As for the “Sexual Abuse” The Defense— AND CASEY— Accused George of…. I truly don’t know how the man held it together— especially when Baez came-out with that ugly and specific explanation of (you know what). The fact that The Defense is going with the “Accidental Death” Strategy did not Shock— or even Surprise me— but what Baez “added” to his “Story” of “Sexual Abuse” made me want to shoot HIM and put HIM in a Garbage Bag. Aside from all that, I also happened to notice TWO “Contradictions” out of Baez’s mouth… (1): He claimed that Lee followed in George’s footsteps with the “Sexual Abuse”, but that— and I Quote— “It didn’t go that Far”. Yet, in the next Breath, Baez stated that “It got so bad, that (in other words) Testing was done to determine if he was the Father”. How could it “not have gone that far”, but at the same time “get so bad” to warrant a Paternity Test. (2): While Baez was explaining that Casey “Loved her Daughter”, was a “good Mother”, and “Provided for her” (Now THAT one is a Crock of Shit), he also added that “Casey did everything she could to protect her Daughter”. If Casey was in-truth “Molested” by her Father, I wouldn’t consider the fact that she regularly left Caylee ALONE with her Father as doing EVERYthing she COULD to
    “PROTECT” her. I would think that Casey wouldn’t want or allow Caylee to be anywhere NEAR George— EVER. But, not the Case.. was it.

    UN.. BE.. LIEV.. ABLE…….

    At the Conclusion of this very first day, I already no longer Struggle with Casey’s Guilt in INTENTIONALLY taking Caylee’s Life, and everything that she is going along with— including the Defamation and Humiliation of her Father— is, no doubt in my mind, ANOTHER BIG FAT LIE, and ONLY to save her own disgusting Ass.

  4. Honeydog Says:

    Still wondering WHY Baez is doing all the Talking and Questioning????… (not “Death Penalty Qualified”). Shouldn’t it be Cheney Mason up there?
    Jose sure got his first taste of what it’s like not to appear so Knowledgeable and Experienced when Judge Perry “Sustained” The Prosecution’s
    “Objections” to 4 or 5 of his Questions to George. Took him like 5 Minutes to get his Shit together again.

  5. Cyndiejean Says:

    In my opinion, there is something “creepy” about George Anthony. That said, I must agree with the comment that as a trained police officer, he would have immediately performed CPR on Caylee if indeed she had drowned. He also would not have helped her hide the body as she claims, because the death would have been accidental. Also, if he was the big molester she claims he is, why did she live with him, and allow him to care for her young daughter?? Casey is a sociopath. She will throw anyone under the bus to suit her own ends. I am not a big believer in the death penalty, but part of me feels that she truly doesn’t deserve to take up space on this earth. Jose Baez is also sleazey, with all his graphic details of alleged molestations, and his slanderous attempts to discredit others.

  6. Cyndiejean Says:

    I also want to add: How did Casey “provide” for her daughter?? She didn’t have a job. You can bet her parents supported them both.

  7. zelda Says:

    AS someone mentioned on another post,,,,,,,,the defense(baez) has had three years to weave a story of some kind,,,,,,,,,,,they just need resonable doubt which I have always said would happen.But to throw george under the bus is really low.Hey,,,,,,I don’t think he is an angel by any means but I certainly don’t believe this horseshit story.
    And REALLY>>>>>>>>>so what? MANY girls have been sexually abused and have not killed their kids………..that argument does not hold water with me. What are the statistics and percentages of that scenario????Let’s see em in print………let’s not just throw that idea around as a REASON casey did what she did.CASEY IS NOT THE VICTIM,,,,,,,CAYLEE IS.
    PLEASE PLEASE …………….I hope the jury gets all of the smoke and mirror defense tactics old baez is using.

  8. One Op Says:

    I don’t know what the H— is going on in that courtroom! LOL

  9. Sherry Says:

    I listened to The Levi Page Show, April 3rd, tonight and I swear Baez listened to this show and put it in his opening statement.

    It is talked about in the first 45 minutes:

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