Casey Anthony: Showing Some Love For Judge Perry…

CNN has a good article about Judge Belvin Perry and how he is seen as sharp, respected and, most importantly, in command.

From CNN:

He’s tweaked defense attorneys that potential jurors should be brought in from homeless shelters to boost diversity, sternly chastised lawyers for talking over one another, and pushed against having jury members continually shuttled in and out “like a Pop-Tart.”

Yet, while he has been an institution in central Florida legal circles for years, this trial marks Perry’s coming-out party for many around the country. Already in the Anthony case, he has dealt with his share of testy, controversial and complicated matters, often while flashing his quick wit and easy grin.

“Judge Perry is a good judge,” a veteran Florida attorney Brad Conway, who had represented Casey Anthony’s parents, told CNN last year. “He knows the law.”

In a sense, he was born into the law. His father, Belvin Perry Sr., and another man — Richard Jones — were the first two African-American officers hired, in January 1951, by the Orlando police.

At that time, Florida was still segregated. Yet the elder Perry remained on the job, becoming the city’s first black plainclothes detective, according to the police department. He was still on patrol when he retired in 1976, dying 19 years later.

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6 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Showing Some Love For Judge Perry…”

  1. Sherry Says:

    He has been on top of every little nuance of this case and has, imo, ruled fairly for both sides.

  2. Honeydog Says:

    I agree, Sherry.

    And now, just hours away, I am fastening my Seat Belt and ready for the Ride, with Judge Perry’s competent Hands on the Wheel….

  3. Jane Says:

    Ok..well if nobody will say it I will…the judge sounds like a typical ******…what the hell…with..”wif” death…”def” both…”bof”

    I hope she is found “not guilty” just to spite the system that is BROKEN..beyond repair.
    Law enforcement and the state, and most everyone in this case, including everyone who testifies is all up for show and nothing else. is cindy and george doing on a cruise after casey is arrested??

  4. Honeydog Says:

    Oh God Jane, you’re Funny! But it’s the TRUTH!! I always wondered where these people go to School! Why is it that they don’t learn how to (or can’t) speak right????!!

    Wow! On that “Cruise” thing… I see a “Similarity” there— When something bad happens, you go “Party”….

  5. zelda Says:

    Yes I agree Jane………he does not sound educated at all regarding his speech. It could be a sat. night live skit if it weren’t such a tragic case of a murdered child.
    I don’t like the interaction between him and baez either……..all smiles and cocky.Hmmmmmmmmm……….I would want a change of the judge if I were the prosecution. I realize that would be a real mess,,,,,with the race card being tossed about with a bang causing a delay in the trial and bringing in every nutbar left out there.
    I just don’t think Perry is too smart.His remark of “well why didn’t she(casey) kill her parents too” was waaaaay off.How dare he interject an opinion like that……….how unprofessional was THAT??? If I were the prosecution I would have used THAT to get another judge appointed.
    His “eubonics”(phonetic) make me wonder if he may be a dull knife in the drawer.Certainly after all the education it takes to pass the bar he would know how to say with,,,,,death and both………..

  6. glenda dudley Says:

    How about the way Perry pronounces Anthony as “Amfony.” At least try to learn how to pronounce the defendant’s name. Couldn’t someone take him aside and go over the pronunciation with him?

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