Casey Anthony: Jury Selection Resumes for Day 10

Day ten of jury selection resumed this morning in the Casey Anthony murder trial.

As noted in my previous post,  yesterdays court proceedings were abruptly recessed following a lunch break.

From the Associated Press:

Only 12 people remained in the jury pool as Day 10 of jury selection got underway. The process was back on track Thursday morning after coming to an abrupt halt Wednesday because defense attorney Jose Baez reportedly had to handle a personal matter.

First thing Thursday, Judge Belvin Perry excused four jurors for cause because of unforeseen financial hardships, reducing the pool to 12.

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7 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Jury Selection Resumes for Day 10”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    This is off-Topic, and, although I don’t usually point-out this kind of stuff, I can’t help it, I just have to. As I’ve been watching the Proceedings on a daily basis, I’ve noticed, in more than half of the TV Clips of Casey walking accross the Courtroom in front of everyone, that she walks as though she’s a “Model on the Runway” or something.. Hips and Butt swinging like “Shake-it-don’t-Break-it”.. and puts her Arms behind her back, making her Boobs stick-out like a sore Thumb in her tight-fitting Shirts. Today was especially “outstanding” when she was leaving the Courtroom and gesturing to Mr. Baez as she passed him— I mean, it was like WHOA! Compared to the Clothing she always wore for the Hearings at the Jail, since the first day of Jury Selection when she had on that clingy white Negligae-looking top, her Slacks and Tops have become noticeably more and more Body-revealing, and she definitely Flaunts it. I’ve also seen her lean-back to talk or listen to someone further down the Table, clutching her spread-Fingers on her V-Necked Chest in a “Pose”-like position, and it’s so obvious that it’s a Conscious move. While I don’t expect that she should come in looking
    “Shabby” or “Homely”, I don’t think that the tight Clothing she’s been choosing is all that
    “Appropriate”, and I’m kind of surprised that The Defense hasn’t picked-up on it and tell her to Dress a bit less “Womanly”, and to be more Conscious of her “Moves” and “Movement”. I realize they’re Minds are heavily pre-occupied with the goings-on of the Day, and, maybe they feel that Casey’s Clothing is just fine.. maybe they’re not even paying Attention to what it looks like when she’s Parading accross the Floor, or noticing her “Seductive”-like Actions— But, personally, I really think The Defense is not considering ENOUGH that Casey is coming-off like she’s Uncaring that people are watching and Judging her every Move, and that she is giving the Impression that she is wanting and enjoying the Attention a little too much for the “Setting” that it is. JMO.

  2. Honeydog Says:

    On another note, it’s a Mystery what’s going on as to the apparent Tension between Casey and Mr. Baez, and their “Seating Separation”, but if anyone saw today’s Footage, Casey was cleary “Burnt-up” as she tried to get a Response from him when leaving the Courtroom, and the look on his Face after she passed him couldn’t be taken as anything other than a “lack of Interest” and a Disbelief of her Attitude over whatever it was that prompted her to think he owed her his Attention at that particular moment. Other than only being Somber now when Judge Perry begins each Jury Selection Day with the reading of the Charges against her, Casey has become noticeably more “Bold”, Confident, and quite Comfortable with being the “Star” of this Show. She goes through it, unaffected, as though she is watching a boring Movie she has seen before, and her “Ease” in her Interaction with the people at the Table is as though she’s out to a casual Dinner with Friends. It’s like, to her, this is all quite “Exciting”— going from those puny little Hearings at the old puny little Jail, to this big new place… like she “hit the Big Time” or something. In the feel of this “Fascinating new Environment”, her desire to “Dominate” is increasing.. Her “Ego” getting stronger.. and she is “spreading her Wings”. I am noticing how much she is “Changing”, day to day….

  3. Honeydog Says:

    One more thing….

    In a recent and brief TV Interview with Jose Baez, he was asked about Casey’s “Note-taking” at the Table during the daily Jury Selection proceedings. Specifically, one of the Questions was “Does she know what she’s doing?”
    (Get ready for THIS): Baez stated that “She is very involved and is following everything that’s going on”, and that (Okay, here it COMES) “Casey is very Intelligent”, and is “quite capable of good Intellect”.

    I sure hope THE PROSECUTION is aware of this recent Interview and heard THAT ONE— Because THERE GOES The Defense’s attempt to say that her MIND isn’t right due to “Emotional Abuse” at Home. I mean, my GOD!… Could he have opened his Mouth and stuck his Foot in any FURTHER, and BLOWN his entire NEW STRATEGY any BETTER than THAT!!! I actually jumped off the Couch in Disbelief (and Excitement). Not too SMART, Jose….

  4. zelda Says:

    Looks like there is trouble between her and The old Ringmaster baez??? Well well…….She had better get more sequins on her court outfits…..maybe that will appease him.
    Peanuts anyone????

  5. luvanrs Says:

    so jealous that you are able to watch this Honeydog…we don’t watch TV at our house. But, I would give anything to watch this trial. Thank you for all your postings as it helps me see what is going on 🙂

  6. Honeydog Says:

    Hello *luvanrs*! Good to see you again. Have missed you being here. Please pardon me, as I know it’s none of my business, but I can’t help to ask.. Could you watch the Trial at someone else’s House?.. Just a little bit here and there? I don’t know if you read any Newspapers (I don’t), but there is sure to be intermittant Updates there, and, of course, you can see the Trial and follow the Coverage on your Computer. In any case, I know you’ll be kept well-informed just by checking-in here. Hope you’ll come around more often!

  7. Honeydog Says:

    Yes Zelda, I’ll have some Peanuts please! (And the Prosac.. and the Smelling Salts.. oh, and I’ll need my Blood Pressure-checker.. and some Rocks.. Where are the ROCKS to throw at the TV??!!! (Can you imagine if you and me and OneOp were all sitting on the Sofa together watching this??!!)… LOL!

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