Casey Anthony: Parents to Trademark “Caylee Anthony” and “Justice for Caylee”

According to the Orlando Sentinel, it appears that George and Cindy Anthony are trademarking  Caylee Anthony’s name, as well as the words “Justice for Caylee,” so that others won’t be able use or sell items using either of these.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Mark Lippman, the Anthonys’ attorney, said he’s sending cease-and-desist letters to the websites that sell Caylee products, including California-based CafePress.

On that website, you can find “Justice for Caylee” adult and children’s t-shirts, shirts for dogs, and bumper stickers.

“We’re sending out the letters and we’re shutting everyone down,” Lippman said.

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14 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Parents to Trademark “Caylee Anthony” and “Justice for Caylee””

  1. katydid Says:

    Skamthonys at it again.

  2. Sherry Says:

    Yeah, I’ve been a good girl not to call them the Scamthonys but it so fits! Now there’s the name they should trademark, the leeches!


  3. Laurali Says:

    Why am I not surprised? Living off their deceased grandchild instead of going to work. Not much different than their daughter really.

  4. Kim Says:

    Ugh – can they possibly sink any lower? At least more people are aware of how despicable these people are now and so would be less likely to buy …

  5. Kim Says:


    Lippman said he plans to take the same measures if street vendors try to sell Caylee merchandise outside the Orange County Courthouse when Casey Anthony’s trial unfolds in Orlando.

  6. zelda Says:

    What a couple of creeps………scum buckets.They seem hell bent on making us hate them even more.I am betting the total I.Q. is about 40.38 for cindy and the remainder for georgy porgy,

  7. One Op Says:

    I understand this post to say this Trademarking shuts down venders and cheap merchandise bearing the name of Caylee Anthony and Justice For Caylee. Why is that so bad? I don’t get it.

  8. zelda Says:

    I read the post again…….and you are right OneOp…… first I thought it said cindy and george were doing it for themselves,,,,,looks like they are trying to stop people from using this venue by getting the copyrights,,,,,,if so then I owe them an apology.
    Imagine that……….
    thanks for the heads up OneOp

  9. nancy Says:

    I wonder if there’s a trademark out there that can protect from the Anthony’s that continue to merchandise Caylee’s name. Oh yeah that’s right they weren’t paid for interviews just for the licensing fees. SHAME ON THEM! It is disgusting how they want to “trademark” Caylee Anthony and Justice for Caylee, when neither of them have been interested in either for quite a while, just lying for the putrid killer daughter. Unbelievable!


  10. Linda Says:

    The Anthonys are still SCUM. If they wanted to stop the selling of these products all they would have to do is file a restraining order on them..But by trade marketing Caylees Name means that they probably want a cut of the earning….. they are DISGUSTING…..

  11. zelda Says:

    You are right Linda they are still scum.Hopefully they can never profit form things like this…….I don’t think they can any more than anyone else.All hell would break loose if they tried.But ya never know with this bunch.
    We are out here watching……….

  12. Honeydog Says:

    In spite of how I feel about George and Cindy Anthony for the things they’ve said and done in the past, I don’t blame them one bit for this one. I saw some of the “Caylee Memorabilia” being peddled out there, and it’s not only Shameful, but a huge Disrespect and Dishonor to that poor Child. I know if it were MY Grand-daughter, I could not, and would not, stand by and allow people to get away with doing such a thing. Taking this Action to stop and further-prevent the disgraceful Exploitation of Caylee Anthony is not only their Right, but Caylee’s
    own deserved Right, and she can not speak for herself. As “Trademarking” her Name falls under the protection of “Copywriting Laws”, it is just that, and an “Offense, Punnishable by Fine and/or Imprisonment” if anyone Prints, Markets, and Sells it for Money. The Anthonys are not “Profiting” off this, but it does give them the “Legal Right”, under that Law, to “Sue” any Breakers of it. It’s the people out there— literally “using” Caylee, and raking-in tons of Cash for themselves— who are the “Scum”, and need to be reminded that Caylee is not a “Business”, but a Life to be remembered with Compassion and Dignity.

  13. luvanrs Says:

    I am also glad that they are shutting down the vendors selling things related to Caylee. Those people should be ashamed of themselves – profiting off of a murdered child. Why though, didn’t the Anthony’s do this a long time ago? Remember the doll, etc.

  14. Honeydog Says:

    Yeah, does make you wonder. I’m not sure whatever happened with all that, but those particular things don’t appear to be around any longer.

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