Casey Anthony: Possible Witness Called for Jury Duty

A woman who searched for the missing body of Caylee Anthony and was also named as a potential witness for the defense was mistakenly summoned for jury duty yesterday, forcing Judge Perry to toss out dozens of prospective jurors.

From Fox News:

Chief Judge Belvin Perry said a potential witness in the trial showed up at the courthouse Tuesday after receiving a Pinellas County jury summons, reports. After it was found out that Patricia Young talked about the case in the jury room, Perry dismissed her and 50 other prospective jurors because the group was considered tainted. Jurors are summoned based on a random pick of their driver’s license numbers, Perry said. 

Young was a volunteer with Texas EquiSearch, the search and recovery organization that searched for Caylee during the summer of 2008, according to the station. She also reportedly sought criminal charges against George Anthony, Caylee’s grandfather, for allegedly shoving her during a confrontation outside the family home in September 2008. Young was among a group of protesters when the incident allegedly occurred. 

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13 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Possible Witness Called for Jury Duty”

  1. zelda Says:

    oh for gawds sake……….

  2. One Op Says:

    Yep, it happened! I think i’m losing faith that any jury they select ain’t tainted.

  3. cali patti Says:

    with Baez asking questions it will take months to select jury

  4. zelda Says:

    This whole thing is just insane!
    A test case in manipulation of the law.
    It’s nuts!
    And what for?casey anthony is clearly a sociopath that comes from a family of liars etc. etc.who is responsible for the death of her daughter.There are hundreds of women murdering their kids,,,,,,,,,,,,why is this one garnering so much attention? Do you think it’s baez and his personality and desire for attention? Or is it the media that is driving the base of it all playing on all the personalities involved?? Would the bottom line be all about money then???? It sickens me to watch the “enter stage left” process in any scenario………
    I ask you……..what is driving this case?????What is the real stuff ………..?????????

  5. Honeydog Says:

    Yep, this caused the whole Jury Room to be Eliminated and Dismissed— And like that old TV Commerical, “THEY told one friend.. and THEY told one friend.. and so on, and so on….”, after they all left the Building and went out into Public and spread the Case around EVEN more. I understand now that Judge Perry is resorting to “Homeless Shelters” for potential Jurors. I watched some of those people being Interviewed on the Street, and, even though most of them didn’t know what the hell the Casey Anthony Trial is, they didn’t know how the hell to Think or Talk EITHER. Is this Scary, or WHAT!

    *Zelda*, my Dear, I can tell you were having a “Moment” up there! Mad as a Hornet, HUH? But you’re right… After so much Shit for 3 long years, the Shit should all be behind and over at this Stage. I have to admit, I thought, once the Trial started, it would all fall into place and we would witness a smooth Transition into a well-directed and organized functioning Process. A bit of a Let-Down so far, I know. I am SO Hoping and Praying that it doesn’t go Awry, and, while I am not feeling so good about recruiting “Street People”, I still want to have Faith in Judge Perry, that he will take this Event to the place it’s supposed to be and stands-for— on the Inside of that Room— regardless of the Hype and the Fenzy that goes on on the Outside. Calm-down my Friend… I need you to help keep ME Calm! I’m with you though… Know exactly what you mean.

  6. zelda Says:

    lol! Well Honeydog I am not as goofy about this cases as it reads above but I AM tired of it all. I guess I can just choose not to read about the case and wait for the outcome.
    I am woman hear me roar………..

  7. Honeydog Says:

    I hear you Loud-n-Clear. I think, once this Jury Selection process is over and the real Trial begins… NAH… nevermind (LOL!). Roar Roar….

  8. zelda Says:

    I find speculation about any part of this case to be a moot point.We can only react from the deeds of the day as they unfold.
    Too many challenges of common sense for most of us out here to handle with any swift reaction.It’s a wait and see” game.
    The cast of characters is off the charts……..from the perp to the judge and even us here in the bleachers.
    The one grounding influence in all of this is Caylee,,,,,,,,,,,the innocent we all want justice for.

  9. Honeydog Says:

    Absolutely, on everything you said. I think though, that we can Bank on this particular Case continuing to raise our Blood Pressure throughout the entire Trial. We can at least Speculate to the point of Accurracy, that no part of it will be without Complication or high-levels of strong Controversy. I’m not looking forward to the Frustration and Disbelief I think we can anticipate happening, but, like you, I’m anxiously awaiting that ultimate Justice for Caylee.

  10. zelda Says:

    Yes we can speculate on frustrations for sure. It’s an amazing feeling not unlike the O.J. debacle.

  11. Honeydog Says:

    You know, Zelda, I have a feeling that Casey will either get LWP, or that she will be charged with the lesser Offense of “Manslaughter” (it’s the “Buzz” now, because of all this “Abuse” stuff, and you KNOW The Defense is going to push it hard). Anyway, I was thinking recently— Although the Death Penalty isn’t something I’m praying-for to happen, JUST for the simple Fact that she didn’t even CONFIDE in the Police that something terrible went wrong and Caylee died, and COULD have told them of her Fear of her Parents and even asked the Police for Protection, she carried that poor Child’s body around in the back of a Car, stuffed her in a Trash Bag with Duct Tape around her little Head, and left her out in the Woods to rot— all done “Knowingly”, and without
    “Insanity”. These things alone, for me, say she deserves it anyway. Like I said, just something that crossed my Mind….

  12. zelda Says:

    Oh gawd………..the abuse stuff…………..gezus .we ALL have a story now don’t we.Most of us make a choice NOT TO MURDER OUR CHILDREN. That idea makes my stomach do cartwheels.
    If you connect the dots the picture that emerges is casey as the reason Caylee is dead.Pure and simple.

  13. Honeydog Says:

    I know. I’m just saying, because it may very-well have been an Accident, I don’t think she’s going to get the DP.. but, because I DO believe she IS the one who “threw Caylee away” like that— on purpose— she really SHOULD get it.

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