Casey Anthony: Jury Location Selected

If you live in or near Clearwater, Florida…you might end up on the Casey Anthony jury.

From what I was hearing on the news this morning, this is a typically older, more conservative community so it will be interesting to see the demographics that make up the jury that is inevitably selected.

From the Associated Press:

Jury selection for the trial of Casey Anthony, who’s accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter, will take place in the Tampa area.

Judicial officials in Orlando didn’t make the announcement until early Monday because of intense media interest in the trial of 25-year-old Anthony, who’s accused of killing her daughter, Caylee, in 2008. Jury selection was expected to begin Monday morning in Pinellas County.

Once the panel is chosen, jurors will be transported to Orlando, where they will stay in a hotel for the duration of the trial, which is expected to take about two months.

About 600 media credentials were requested from the court and an empty lot in front of Orlando’s courthouse was renamed “Casey Town” after it was designated the spot for TV trucks and reporters to congregate once the trial begins. The number of journalists assigned to Anthony’s trial may even dwarf the number assigned to O.J. Simpson’s trial 16 years ago, said the judge presiding over it.

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16 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Jury Location Selected”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Jose Baez is not death penalty qualified. Doesn’t he have to sit down, quit filing motions, and quit approaching the bench?

  2. Honeydog Says:

    Ah Yes… What ABOUT that??… It had actually slipped my Mind. Strange, it was Baez sitting right next to Casey, while the “real” Attorney, Cheney Mason, was sitting BEHIND them… and it’s BAEZ who is going to present the “Opening Statement”— I am VERY confused.

    As for today’s events, George and Cindy weren’t present.. Casey cried (authentically).. More than 50% of potential Jurors questioned were let go due to “Hardship”.. Judge Perry ruled on the “Air Sample” to be permitted “IN”, and surprisingly clumsily-stumbled through reading the Charges.. and it is doubtful that Jury Selection will be completed in the 5 days anticipated. Overall, I give it an “7” for a good start….

  3. zelda Says:

    Casey’s “crying” is always and has been just for herself.She is no doubt a sociopath.
    Oooooooooooooo woe is me………..what a side show.You couldn’t make up the cast of characters in this production ,and I am including us out here in the bleachers.The media, which translates into big bucks for some unseen people, is having a field day as well.

  4. One Op Says:

    Zelda, I am glad you include us characters out here in the bleachers! For three years this has been a fiasco. I wonder if it will all be over very quickly.

  5. zelda Says:

    Hi One Op……….I certainly hope so………..this is a landmark case that has dragged us all into it.Personally I am worn out and hope for quick justice for Caylee and all the other children she represents.

  6. Honeydog Says:

    Hi Zelda & OneOp.
    So did you see/hear about “Day 2”?
    Judge Perry eliminated 50 potential Jurors— Some for discussing the Case in the Jury Room with a Texas EquaSearch Volunteer who was scheduled to be a Witness and ended-up in the Jury Pool, and others for admitting they already believe Casey is Guilty.
    It’s looking as though going the 100-miles out of Town isn’t making the difference the Court was hoping for… but then, we sort of figured that, didn’t we. Casey was back to her old self— surpressing a Laugh when one Juror being questioned asked who was going to take care of his Cat for two months.. She was busy “Primping” and cleaning-off the Desk with a Paper Towel.. and, at one point, The Defense Table’s Microphone caught Baez telling Casey that she was “Acting like a 2-year-old”. Judge Perry admitted that Jury Selection is “Running Behind”, and plans on working through the up-coming Weekend….
    So far, things are getting off to a Rocky start, and I kind of felt like it’s going Down-hill ALREADY. Jean Casarez (from “In Session”) has been in the Courtroom both days, and, during her televised Report, she held-up 3 Local Newspapers with Casey’s picture and Trial Headlines splashed all over the Front Pages… Now, tell me— besides the Media camping-out all over the place there— with those Newspapers floating all over Town, how easy it’s going to be to find the type of Jurors needed, huh? The Defense is going to end-up with “Stupid” people, and The Prosecution will get “Liars”.

    From what I understand, Baez still maintains that his “Opening Statement” will not only Explain-away and “Put to Rest” the reason for Casey’s “Behavior” during those 31 Days, but will also “Shock” the Public. (Any ideas on what that could be, you two??). The only thing I myself can come-up with that he could use, is that, Casey WAS honestly looking for her Daughter, but people in the Clubs must have been “slipping something in her Drinks” while she was in those places, and that she was also given some “Mood-altering Drugs” to take-along with her— which she took when she WASN’T at the Clubs, and that the Drugs made her Act the way/do the things she did… and didn’t do. (They actually wouldn’t be able to Prove something like this happening wasn’t True). This is REALLY a Wild Guess of course (I don’t even know why I’m trying to figure it out). In any case, whatEVER this “Shocking Reason” is that Baez comes-out with, it’s a damn strong Claim to make beforehand, and, we’re either going to be truly absolutely Floored, or throwing stuff at the TV Screen in Disgust, in lieu of being able to get our Hands around his Neck.

    Okay, I saved THIS part for last… Three former Attorneys on the Case are all saying that, at some point, Casey will take the Stand. They are actually pretty Confident about this, ending with “You Watch”. (QUICK OneOp! Get the SMELLING SALTZ for ZELDA!!). LOL!

    All in all, I give today’s Merry-Mix-Ups a drop to about a “4”… But, as Scarlett O’Hara said, “Tomorrow IS another Day”.

  7. zelda Says:

    Hi honeydog…………yup I am right there with you.
    I saw a clip about the “argument” casey and Baez were having where he said”you are acting like a two year old”.
    Kinda dumb to be squabbling in the court room for gawds sake.But now we can’t expect anything more from those two now can we?
    I figured they would have a rough time with the jury thing……… could they not???
    As for all the up coming “surprises” the defense is eluding to………it had better be damn good.And if they are going on something casey said that really holds water now doesn’t it?
    Oh for gawds sake………..One Op get the smelling salts quick!!!!ooooooooooooooooo

  8. zelda Says:

    By the way……if the defense has such “shocking” evidence that will clear old casey why didn’t they get to it a long time ago?

  9. One Op Says:

    I did not hear him say it but if Jose Baez told Casey she was acting like a two year old it tells me he is irritated with her overall and that’s why she leans to Cheney Mason for comfort. Now as far as the big “bang” about her behavior?? I agree, why wait til now! Honeydog, being drugged as an excuse for her acts is not too likely. If they are going to try and use that they will have to bring in the ones who drugged her and I can’t see that being anyone other than TL. Casey right now would show all her smart ass personality sitting right in court if it was not for her attorneys restraining her, and trying to save her life. I would love to see the “private” goings on between her and her attorneys. As far as the picking of jurors, I am a little flabbergasted. It appears that no one really wants to be one, but she should worry about any one who does want to be one because they probably would want to be sure she gets the needle. Hard to say about people, how in the world can jurors really be selected without them ever truly having some pre conceived thought on a murder case. I notice a few are not articulate or understand english well, so how could they possibly understand what is being presented in court by either side if they are picked. Casey should have taken a plea of temporary insanity in the beginning. She would have been better off to have said she didn’t remember things rather than remembering too many lies. I notice not too much is remarked about any witnesses that the defense may call. Talk about a screw up, the one who was questioned that is a witness and went all the way to Orlando to hassle in front of the Anthony house???? What the hell is going on. How did she get there????? Someone not doing their job or doing it very well. I just can’t imagine that even happening. I guess it is not important for us to hear but could not understand Cheney Mason one bit when he had something to say yesterday. Casey was showing an attitude. This must be pretty embarrassing for Baez. With respect, JP puts me to sleep waiting for him to say something. I would have preferred judge Strickland. Zelda, you gotta hang in there and stick it out with the rest of us. However, I am putting a few bags of salts ready to toss your way, just in case you can’t handle it. lol

  10. One Op Says:

    You know, I’m thinking that potential juror that JP scolded may have some issue that makes it difficult for him to be attentive and really did not realize the results of his not heeding the instructions. I hope he was questioned privately about such and if he does have any learning or attention difficulties, not saying he does at all, may have thought he could pull a fast one. Should he happen to have, don’t you think he deserves not to be fined. Perhaps that will come out in any appeal he might file. Did JP scold the witness that was brought in to be a juror?? I missed all that if he did.

  11. zelda Says:

    I missed that too. I get my news from my computer.
    judge Perry is not getting rave reviews at this point.Remember judge Ito?

  12. Honeydog Says:

    *OneOp*, I have to tell you, before I wrote that
    “Theory” above, my Honest-to-God first thought was that The Defense was going to come-out with Caylee’s death being an “Accident”, and that Casey’s reason for not telling anyone was due to her Fear of the Consequences she knew she would incur from George and Cindy. Several times in the past, I mentioned that I was truly torn between believing Casey killed Caylee on-purpose, and simply something Bad happening. I kept remembering the “Gate” and the
    “Pool Ladder” being discovered “Open” and not in it’s rightful place, and the report of a “wet Bathing Suit” in the Car Trunk. These two things alone always made me tend to lean toward an
    “Accidental” Death. But THEN… It was always the recurring thought of Casey’s “Partying”, the Tattoo, and the Duct Tape found on Caylee’s mouth, which specifically brought me back to believing that it COULDN’T have been. Between the two Scenerios however, I also always felt that there HAD to have been SOME sort of “Foul Play” involved, by Casey’s own Hands. Now.. Getting back to why I strayed from writing my original Gut-feeling (“Accident”) and coming-up with that Off-the-Wall “Drugs” Theory, is actually because I did not think that The Defense would be ABLE to enter something COMPLETELY different than what had already been recently established as their basis for her Defense— that someone else murdered Caylee.. Moved the Body.. etc, etc. Therefore, I dismissed my initial Guess of what the “Shocker” was going to be, which now turns-out to be exactly what I did think (an Accident)— WITH the exception of all this “Emotional, Verbal, and Sexual Abuse” stuff being added to it. I just thought that, either Baez ACTUALLY uncovered something Extraordinary which would prove everyone Wrong, OR, he had something really Wild and Far-fetched up his Sleeve. Hence, my thinking behind my Comment as it was. Anyway, not that I care about being Wrong, but I felt the need to Explain myself for what I wrote, so you understand why I “Went-off” and concocted that crazy possible Scenerio. Of course, other than it now being presented AS an “Accident”, the REST of it IS really crazy!

  13. zelda Says:

    Honeydog in 2012…………~~~~~~~~~~!!!!

  14. Honeydog Says:

    Zelda~ (RE your Comment on 5/11@6:49am)…
    I was wondering the same thing myself, and actually heard that Question answered recently by a Panel of Legal Experts reporting from the Courthouse (Defense & Prosecuting Attorneys included). In a nutshell, after the lengthy exploration of numerous possible Strategies and their potential Outcomes, nothing was proving Advantageous for The Defense. It was just when the “Mitigation Specialist” got involved, that the use of the “Abuse” Strategy presented itself as their best Option for not only gaining “Sympathy” from the Jury, but making everything that Casey did (and didn’t do) appear to make Sense. They say it will be an “Uphill Battle” for The Defense to actually PROVE all this alleged “Abuse”, especially without any previous Doctor and/or Phychiatrist Records, and— even though The Defense has the statements of Jesse Grund (who claims that Casey
    “told him” about the Incident with Lee) and Casey’s own handwritten letter to a Jailhouse friend— they would need to put Casey on the Stand to “reaffirm” the “Abuse”, and, of course, this is not what The Defense would want to do. In any event, basically, coming-out with the “Abuse” Strategy at the last minute is their only Hope for Success in saving Casey from the Death Penalty. Personally, I can only imagine the Mess this is going to be— All FOUR of the Anthonys are going to be portrayed as
    “Dysfunctional” and “Liars”, and where is all this going to LEAD, where CAYLEE is concerned…. ????

    One thing I find interesting is that it was reported that George was going to take “Legal Action” against the “Abuse” Allegations— But, so far, we haven’t heard it done…

  15. zelda Says:

    All this peripheral crap makes me weary.
    There is a murdered child.The mom is a suspect.There is a trial.Let’s hope there is justice served.
    I don’t care about george and cindy and lee and nanny fanny and the old boyfriends and baez or the weird people that float to the top in this’s all smoke and mirrors.
    Consequence……….that is the word of the age.

  16. Honeydog Says:

    You said it. There are more Twists-and-Turns happening right now that I’m getting Lost alREADY… and the “real thing” hasn’t even begun. I must keep a Positive Attitude (and the Prosac, the Smelling Salts, and my Blood Pressure-Checker by my side!).

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