Casey Anthony: Sheriff Says “Show Me The Money”

Sheriff Jerry Demings has gone before the Orange County Commission to ask for more cash in the upcoming fiscal year.

It looks like the Casey Anthony is taking quite a bite out of their budget! $125,000!

From MyFox Orlando:

Two big expenses will be $125,000 for the Casey Anthony trial, and another $1.4 million to upgrade outdated radios for deputies. Sheriff Demings says his deputies have not gotten a raise in two years and it’s also time for that to change.

“There’s no question I want my deputies to have raises, but the board of county commission has not has not given me an increase in my budget to be able to do that.”

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One Comment on “Casey Anthony: Sheriff Says “Show Me The Money””

  1. Honeydog Says:

    You’re darn RIGHT! Here’s a Department of LAW Enforcement— employed and working to fight Crime and handle all the numerous Duties and Tasks that go with it— and they don’t even have what they need, nor are given what they deserve. Why is this SO Common in our Police Forces, Fire Houses, and other Community Services (Teachers, Child Welfare, the DSS, etc) when they are of the UPMOST Importance to sufficiently Equip and Maintain. I’ll never understand the reasoning behind the more-than-inadequate “Budgets” shamefully provided to such critical areas in our Society.

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