Casey Anthony: Parents File Motion To Be In Courtroom

George and Cindy Anthony have filed a new motion in the case asking Judge Belvin Perry to allow them to observe the trial.

From WESH:

The Anthonys aren’t currently allowed to observe the trial because they are listed as witnesses.

The Anthonys claim they’re relatives of the victim, but that may not be enough to have the motion granted.

An attorney for Cindy and George Anthony filed the motion asking the couple be excused from sequestration as witnesses in the murder trial of Casey Anthony.

“Cindy and George Anthony are entitled to attend all proceedings as relatives to the victim,” the motion stated.

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23 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Parents File Motion To Be In Courtroom”

  1. J.H. Says:


  2. cali patti Says:

    The Anthony’s have shown how they shake their heads at testimony, talk, smack gum show total disrespect for the courtroom. On their actions alone they should not be allowed.
    No witnesses are allowed to sit in the courtroom, why do the Anthonys continue to think they are special?
    They can watch it on court tv like most of us will have to do.

  3. Kim Says:

    I don’t see this happening and I find them even more disgusting now – if that is even possible – using the fact they are related to the victim. Convenient now that they need to use a dead baby yet again for their own vile purpose.

  4. Rhonda Says:

    They are a Joke. They think they are special and HOW MANY TIMES HAVE THEY TRIED TO COVER FOR THE LITTLE MONSTER THEY CREATED??? DISFUNTION AT IT’S BEST!! This trial needs to get on with and put Casey on Death Row. Anyone elses trial would be over by now!! They think they are celebraties!! Lets pray for juctice for caylee. George and Cindy need to stay out of the court room!! They will act up bad enough as witnesses!!! That’s all the time they need to spend on court!!! Just my oponion!!!!!!

  5. Ina Says:

    The grandparents are there because it is their grandchild who was killed. What is wrong with that?
    What does it matter if they are there or not to others? The trial is broadcasted on tv, so they and other witnesess will know anyway what is being said there. JMO 🙂

  6. Honeydog Says:

    Personally, on a “Common Sense” level, I can understand their reasons for wanting to attend the Trial… I don’t think that requires an explanation, but I’ll say it anyway— If the entire event revolved around my Daughter and my Grand-daughter, I’d want to be in the Courtroom too. There’s no comparison between watching it on TV and physically being there. HOWEVER… I not only agree with most of the Comments above— that we could probably Bet our Bottom Dollar they won’t be able to contain themselves, more than many times, even if they promised— but also, the Fact remains that they ARE “Witnesses”, Witnesses are NOT permitted, and I simply don’t believe they should be the Exception to the Rule. More importantly, the Judge (and everyone else) already knows that these two, especially, are TOO “Close” and SO “Invested” in this situation, that I really think it would be a big Mistake, and potentially Detrimental to the overall Process, to allow their presence. I know how they feel, but I surely don’t think they’re “Entitled”, and I definitely don’t think, for all intense purposes, that they should or need to be that “Close” to the Action.

  7. jon Says:

    I can see both sides, but Cindy is too manipulative to be allowed in for the entire trial. We’ve seen already how she’s backtracked and, I have a feeling, if she were to sit in on the trial, she would amend her future testimony to suit hers and Casey’s purposes. The only way I can see this is if she were to be the first witness called and then not brought up to the stand again. If she were called first and her behavior afterwards was disruptive or disrespectful of the court, Judge P could always have her removed. I have a feeling G is just resigned at this point and this all Cindy.

  8. zelda Says:

    Groan………..I say put them in a room with two way glass and a microphone and let them participate that way.

  9. katydid Says:

    Don’t put them in…it will give Cindy a chance to change her story AGAIN!!!

  10. CptKD Says:

    FYI –


  11. zelda Says:

    YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Judge Perry!

  12. Honeydog Says:

    I think all Witnesses are “Briefed” before the Trial by the corresponding Attorney for the side they are a Witness for (Defense or Prosecution), going-over the nature of the Questions that Attorney will be asking them when they are on the Stand, and they both already know how the Answers will go. I’m not positive, but I think The Defense goes first at the start of the live Questioning. As it’s somewhat already “rehearsed”, George and Cindy wouldn’t likely be “changing their Story” where The Defense is concerned. The Defense would have also fore-warned and “prepared” them for the types of Questions (and Accusations) which they know The Prosecution will throw at them, and, because both The Defense and The Prosecution are in possession of George and Cindy’s documented Statements, The Defense would definitely make-clear and stress the extreme Reprocussions of changing their Stories, at any point, on the Stand, to either side. For that reason, I truly don’t think it would happen, even if they were tempted to. George and Cindy would also be instructed by The Defense not to “Expand”, unless asked or told to, and, again, both George and Cindy and The Defense would all know how that would unfold and be covered— at least under The Defense’s Questioning. The only “opening” for potential
    “Error”, “swaying” a bit from their documented Statements, and/or becoming “Defensive” to the point where they WOULD be tempted to say something different, would be under the cleverly-confusing Cross-Examination by The Prosecution, who would definitely be Lightning-quick to Attack and bring them down for it— with the Documentation in-hand to back it up— right in front of the Judge and Jury, making it clear to all what they are attempting to do, and it would ultimately be their Downfall. While I still don’t believe that George and Cindy should be permitted in the Courtroom, I honestly don’t think, no matter how Emotional or Denying or “Manipulative” they can be, that they would risk the Consequences associated with Perjury, if they WERE allowed. I’m not saying that I think they wouldn’t WANT to “change” some things around for their own and Casey’s benefit, but I tend to feel that they would be made to fully realize and understand very-well that, regardless of Statements they may have “changed” in the past, the Trial is the “Real Deal”.. no “Games”.. no Messing-up.. and that they would actually be on their P’s and Q’s. (JMO).

  13. Honeydog Says:

    ** To John **
    I hope it’s Okay to put this here, but I just got an E-Mail, right after posting my above Comment, requesting me to “Confirm my Subscription” to your Site, or to “Disregard” if I didn’t “Subscribe”. I’ve not only never received anything like this before, but I don’t really understand it. ????

  14. Kreuzer33 Says:

    Maybe you hit a wrong button? I’ve never seen that before…Hopefully it won’t happen again if it was an error…

  15. zelda Says:

    Your logic is good Honeydog….however we are dealing with people who are NOt and never have played by the rules.Like their daughter there is something “missing” in people like this that makes them not understand consequence.

  16. One Op Says:

    Honeydog, You make me feel better about thinking it may alright they remain in court during questioning, but I guess no witnesses will be allowed until after they testify, is that correct? So maybe that is what applies , no exceptions.

  17. zelda Says:

    I hope so.

  18. Honeydog Says:

    Hi *Zelda*.. Hi *OneOp*..

    Zelda, sometimes I don’t know why I bother to think so much, because, ya know, I do think you’re right. I guess I was thinking that if someone— like Judge Perry himself for instance— would lay down the Law enough to scare the shit out of George and Cindy before they would take their seats in the Courtroom, that they’d Behave themselves. But really, these two probably WOULD let it all go in one Ear and out the other…

    OneOp, although it was explained on TV tonight about how that would work, I can’t remember if it would be George and Cindy before the others, or visa-versa… but, from what I understand, their request is not going to be granted anyway. It was said that the one and only way Judge Perry would go so far as to over-shadow the Law, would be if it were “Extenuating Circumstances”… that The Anthonys being
    “Relatives” is not enough to do so, and, as I mentioned in my own Comment above, that they are simply “too close” to the situation. I believe we can expect that they will be “Sequestered” the same as every other Witness for the State.

  19. zelda Says:

    We humans come in all shapes sizes and mentalities , “Never the train shall meat”(hee hee)

  20. One Op Says:

    What the heck if that you said Zelda? lol

  21. zelda Says:

    It’s a quote by Kipling with a play on the words by me.
    He said,,,,,,,”and never the twain shall meet”.referring to the troubles of the East and West.
    It means they would never be able to settle the innate differences politically or culturally etc. etc.
    Different mind sets……..

  22. One Op Says:

    Ahaaa! Now I get it. True True Zelda!

  23. Angie Says:

    I think Cindy Anthony’s lie on the stand about her chloroform search has come as a direct result of her being allowed to sit in on the preceeding. This is exactly why witnesses are NOT allowed to hear everything and are sequestered, so they can not form new opinions and change their story based on what they have heard in the courtroom.

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