Casey Anthony: Judge Belvin to Make Key Rulings Today

It is expected that Judge Belvin Perry will be making some key rulings today on critical pieces of scientific evidence that prosecutors plan to use in their murder case against Casey Anthony.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Belvin is expected to make decisions today on whether scientific evidence about chloroform levels found in Anthony’s car trunk and the growth of plant roots in the woods where the child’s remains were found should be used at her trial.

In recent weeks, Anthony’s defense team has been arguing against plans by the state to use such cutting-edge scientific evidence at Anthony’s trial.

Prosecutors want to use novel scientific work focusing on odor and air samples originating from the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car.

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6 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Judge Belvin to Make Key Rulings Today”

  1. gettingtired Says:

    I hope it all makes it in

  2. gettingtired Says:

    This trial should open the door for this type of testing

  3. zelda Says:

    I am at sea as to the whys and where fors of keeping ANYTHING out of a trial………let’s give everything we can to a jury……One tiny bit might be the piece of the puzzle that makes all the difference in how a juror separates the information fed to them.
    I understand some things can be deemed “more of the same” and of “no use” …….but in looking at other cases it’s always those “little bits” that finally turn up the definitive outcome.
    We need to go all out for the victim and put the defendant on the grill.It can become a circus and just down right stupid.
    One and one will always be two…..not two and two thirds /
    Come on people we can do better don’t you think?

  4. Honeydog Says:

    HERE HERE Zelda— That’s why you’re Vice President!!
    (Oh wait, I forgot… we switched to The Justice System!) Right on!!

    You know… so far, I have to admit that Judge Perry has been doing close to exactly what you mention. Considering the volume of Information, Statements, Deposition material, Pictures, Videos, Reports, Evidence and Facts that we ourselves have seen and heard throughout these past two+years, I honestly can’t think of anything “major” that he has declined to allow in. He’s shot-down most all The Defense’s “Motions”, as well as permitted ALOT of very-incriminating stuff to be heard. Personally, I think So-far-so-Good, I’m not complaining, and it does seem that Judge Perry clearly sees the Significance of “needing” all the Puzzle Pieces to provide to the Jury. I just hope (and I think he will) continue to see this through the way it “should” be.

  5. zelda Says:

    HEY HONEYDOG………yup I agree. I am hanging with Judge Perry so far………..It’s a tough job and he seems to be unrattled and decisive. Man o man I would not want that job.

  6. Honeydog Says:

    C’mon!… After all we’ve said and talked about, how we wouldn’t put-up with all the Bull Shit in our Broken and Celebrity Justice Systems??? OH YES YOU WOULD!!!! HaHa.

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