Casey Anthony: Ex-Boyfriend Says George Anthony Abused Her

In a newly released deposition filed in court yesterday, Casey Anthony’s ex-boyfriend Tony Lazzaro said Anthony told him that her father, George Anthony, physically abused her.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

“From what I remember, I think it was just hitting – that she was physically abused,” Lazzaro told attorneys during a Feb. 18 deposition.

A transcript of that deposition was placed in the court file late Wednesday along with another deposition of Casey’s former friend Amy Huizenga.

He said Caylee never appeared to be neglected or abused, but when asked about Casey, Lazzaro said she had told him about being abused herself.

“I just don’t recall it being sexual in nature,” Lazzaro said. “It could have been. Honestly, it would have been much better to do this at that time. I just know she said that they didn’t live together and she made it sound like her dad was like this really bad guy.”

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12 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Ex-Boyfriend Says George Anthony Abused Her”

  1. One Op Says:

    Sounds like TL may be a part of setting George up for something.

  2. knight owl Says:

    Tony Lazarro was being played like a fiddle by Casey. She was using the old I am being abused by my Dad card to make Tony feel sorry for her in hopes he would say, your poor thing, i will take care of you and you can move in with me. It is all Casey BS.

  3. knight owl Says:

    I know one thing George didn’t do, he didn’t bust Casey’s out of line arrogant disrespectful lieing butt enough. They knew she really wasn’t working so they should have yanked that pontiac sunfire right out from under her. Had they done that Casey would not have had access to the car to drive Caylee’s dead body around in the trunk. Casey would have had to carry Caylee to the woods and dump her.

  4. One Op Says:

    Hi knight owl.

  5. zelda Says:

    right on knight owl……………..

  6. jon Says:

    I got slapped as a kid and guess what? I’ve never killed anyone, tortured small animals, etc. give me a break……….

  7. zelda Says:

    I think a huge thing a lot of parents don’t do these days is teach consequence. For every choice you make there is a consequence good or bad….and you are solely responsible for it.
    I truly believe if that is instilled early on by the age of seven or eight the kid and the parents will have a much easier life.
    Also respect for things smaller weaker and different from yourself is essential.Respect ALL the way around………and especially for yourself makes for a healthy good life.

  8. offthecuff Says:

    I agree with Owl. Casey was playing Tony for the knight in shining armor for her poor widdle abused self.

    As we saw when push came to shove…Casey was no more scared of her dad than she was of Cindy, Amy, the bank, Target, the big, bad policemen, or murder itself.

  9. Honeydog Says:

    First of all, unlike with ex-Boyfriend Jesse Grund, I honestly don’t think the relationship between Tony and Casey could have been all that close…. What kind of person would totally forget something like whether or not their Girlfriend’s “Abuse” was “sexual” in nature, or probably WOULD have remembered better if they had been asked about it before now. If you’re that tight with someone— as JESSE was with Casey— stuff like that doesn’t
    “slip your Mind” easily, much less at ANY point in time. Second, I’m in total agreement that Casey played Tony (and probably ALL her Boyfriends)like a Fiddle, and— not only considering that the nature of their relationship seemed to be her breezing in and out of his Apartment whenever she needed somewhere to “crash”, and the vague and/or “I don’t know” Answers he provided in his Television Interview early-on— compared to Jesse Grund, who remembers every incident and details, to me, Tony’s contribution of information is pretty insignificant. Now, I WILL say this— While I don’t give much Merit to Tony’s “clouded Memory” and the fact that he only knows of this so-called “Abuse” by way of being “told” by Casey, I CAN honestly see hot-headed George using his Temper with her during their Life at Home. We ourselves have seen the extent of his Attitude and “quick-to-Rile” short-Fuse many times, and, any Father who refers to his Daughter as “the Bitch” in front of Law Enforcement, does make one think that at least “Verbal Abuse” by George may have very-well existed. Seeming quite similar in Character with Casey (Manipulative, Self-Indulgent Motives, “Covering-up”, etc) I can actually see CINDY being the “Believer”, “Enabler”, and “Oh-let her-go” type, while George— with his Police background, Straight-Forwardness, and “By-the-Book” Characteristics— would be more-likely not to put up with Casey’s shit and be quick to let her know it. Having said that— although I don’t believe for one split-Second that George had anything to do with Caylee’s death, nor will The Defense EVER get THAT Theory off the Ground or even USE Casey’s alleged “Abuse” to support or prove ANYthing in this Case— it actually wouldn’t surpise me, even though Tony Lazzaro didn’t personally WITNESS any, if George WAS not-so-nice to her… and for all good reason. JMO.

  10. mimi Says:

    I find it strange that when visiting Casey in jail her dad said to her, “Hello, Gorgeous.” A father calling his adult daughter “gorgeous” is inappropriate, especially under the circumstances.

  11. april Says:

    She mite not at first meant to harm her child.but then the child died an she panicked.casey probably has mental health issues,she could have been on a substance like an alchol or drugs that could of maybe made her forget or block out.casey seems to be very angry an all about herself.this is all just tragic!!! she mite of try to sedate her child but then the child died she got scared so she made up lies to hide it & it just spun.she has a personality disorder.she has a bad temper,i think she was mad at her family & vtook it out on her daughter.why it still all dosent makes sence??

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