Casey Anthony: Chloroform Theory…

The question has been asked for more than a year now. Was there chloroform in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car? Well, as you know, it’s one of the key evidence issues in the case. So, how did it get there?

From WESH:

Prosecution experts claim traces of the knock-out drug were present in the trunk, but the defense argued the test could have been thrown off by a wet bathing suit of Caylee’s that was left in the vehicle. The defense introduced the new theory to the public during a recent hearing.

Judge Belvin Perry is expected to rule this week whether the evidence will be allowed when the trial starts in May.

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18 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Chloroform Theory…”

  1. Sherry Says:

    Making chloroform is a precise science. It needs exact measurements and perfect conditions to be made. Plus, it takes quite some time to get an appreciable amount. A wet bathing suit wouldn’t do it and neither would a combination of chemicals, with or without urine, willy nilly combined. If there was chloroform in the trunk then it had to have been purchased via online, not made by anyone who doesn’t know what they are doing.

  2. Sherry Says:

    Forgot to say-If there was a wet bathing suit causing a positive for the chemical bromine, then the suit would have to have been saturated and recently in the car’s trunk for it to be to the level it was shown to be by OR’s testing.Thing is, the suit would be dry and chlorine would be dissapated by the time of the testing. No bathing suit was shown to be in the trunk to my recollection.

  3. knight owl Says:

    Hi kreuzer and Sherry, Baez continues talking about a wet bathing suit of Caylee’s could have caused the high levels of chloroform in the trunk when he has no evidence there was ever a bathing suit of Caylee’s in the death mobile trunk. Since the levels were sooooooooooo very high it is obvious a wet bathing suit would not do it, especially one that small. Now if Casey had not said her Nanny was a perfect 10 and had said she was a rather large woman then they might have had a shot at this ridiculous theory. They could have claimed Zanny nanny put her bathing suit in casey’s trunk. lol.

  4. Sherry Says:

    Good one, knight owl!LOL

  5. offthecuff Says:

    I’m curious about the syringes that were found.

    The chloroform is a theory, but the suffocation and duct tape are factual. However, nothing else could explain the presence of chloroform.

    Now, back to those receipts from the credit cards…..whatever happened with those?

  6. knight owl Says:

    Thanks Sherry. I just couldn’t contain my silly self. chloroform recipe can be found on line and you only need three ingredients to make it. Bleach, acetone not nail polish kind you can get acetone at hardware stores, lots of ice, clear glass bottle so you can see what your doing while making it and only a brown glass bottle to store it in. Can be stored for a week only.

  7. knight owl Says:

    Hi offthecuff, i am curious to about the questions you mentioned as well. Your so right duct tape is a fact but i believe the extremely high levels of chlorform are going to be allowed in for the trial. They were staggering high levels.

  8. cali patti Says:

    I dont think any of the Anthonys would make choloform or Casey would have given it to Caylee. I think the choloform was produced by a combination of unknown and knowm factors that accumulated in that trunk, including a dead body.
    If the choloform is pursued to any great degree during trial I think the jury will mentally turn off the choloform idea completely. Possibly state what they know about what they found, then let it go.
    It is giving Casey intelligence I dont believe she has.

  9. Andrea Says:

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  10. Honeydog Says:

    God, I don’t know… There’s been SO much information throughout time on this Chloroform issue— The substance “in general”, and the Car Trunk analysis. *Sherry* certainly seems to know what she’s talking about, so I’m not going to touch that, and yet, I remember hearing at one point that even Pool Chemicals can create, or turn into, Chloroform. It IS odd that we didn’t hear of this “Bathing Suit” at any time previously, but then again, other than a pair of Casey’s pants, her “Work Purse” and a Pizza Box (reported by Cindy) and a Media report of a pair of “muddy Boots”, I’m sure there had to be other items in the Trunk that we didn’t hear about either, so it doesn’t mean it wasn’t there. Honestly, for me, I tend to agree with *Cali patti*— I just think too that it was a combination of Factors, including the Body, being closed-up in a Compartment for a lengthy time, which contributed to the Chloroform findings. Also, even if The Defense argued that there was never a Body in the Trunk, and that the Chloroform was created by numerous other things cooped-up inside it, there is still the matter of the reported “Stain” on the Carpet in the “outline of a small Child” (if, of course, that part hasn’t changed) to support its presence there. In any case, we’ll all be better educated on this whole Chloroform subject by the “Experts” at Trial, and, no doubt, previously-unknown knowledge of a hell of a lot of other things.

  11. jon Says:

    Then how to explain the chloroform searches on the computer in the months leading up to the disappearence?

  12. cali patti Says:

    I believe Casey did do the computer searches for choloform but I don’t think Casey has the intelligence or follow through to make the choloform. Plus her funds were limited and I don’t see her spending money on the products to make choloform.
    I still think the high levels of choloform were a combination of known and unknown products in that trunk, alot of it due to Cindys cleaning and Caylee’s dead body in there.
    Yet I think the computer choloform searchs and the levels of choloform should be introduced into evidence. Put it out there as a possible means of what Casey might have done to Caylee.

    I just don’t want the proscution putting so much time or energy into this theory that they dont allow for other manners of death to be considered. Like Casey killing Caylee with her bare hands.
    Caylee died while with Casey. Casey felt to blame or responsible and that is why EMT’s were not called. Mothers call EMT’s, so whatever happened Caylee knew she would be held accountable and it was not an accident.
    I don’t think the choloform manner of death happened maybe that is why I don’t have much belief in its power with a jury.
    I could be very wrong.

    How Caylee died will remain a mystery forever unless Casey decides to talk. Even then how can anything she says be believed?.

  13. One Op Says:

    Has it been proven that it was Casey making the searches, most likely was,
    but from what I read, others could have done it. I have never heard of any purchase of the ingredients, or when they were purchased to tie in with Caylee’s murder. I see in John other post today, TL has commented that Casey had told him George had abused her, but since Casey was lying a lot, could it be true?

  14. zelda Says:

    I wouldn’t believe casey if her tongue came certified.
    We need to remember she is a top drawer liar.
    The parents are off too and Baez is nuts in his own way.
    Let’s hope judge Perry can hold it together……… far as a jury,,,well………I just don’t know what they will find.
    The rationale people are using in response to “the latest” in this case goes all over the board. Interesting.

  15. Honeydog Says:

    *Cali patti*, you summed-up many of my own Thoughts.
    Although it’s not a crucial issue, I only disagree with you on Casey not being capable of the “Follow-through”— Personally, I definitely do believe she WOULD be, if she wanted it bad enough…. Her
    Drive and “Persistance” in achieving whatever Plan or Goal she had was clearly obvious. As for “Money” to obtain the neccessary Ingredients, I can’t say from Whom or what Source she may very-well have “Stole” or “Borrowed” from, but these things are actually not that Expensive, and, again, if she wanted it bad enough, she’d find a way to get the Cash, and remember, she even took Cindy’s Credit Card. In truth, like you, I’m still on the Fence— as I honestly have been all along— about the Chloroform being used to either put Caylee to sleep temporarily or permanently. For some reason though, I keep going back to a strong feeling that it was an “Accident”— either Drowning in the Pool, OR, an Accidental Overdose, if in fact Chloroform WAS used. In any case, you’re absolutely right— Like Joran VanDerSloot and the Natalee Holloway Case, I don’t expect we’ll ever know what really happened to Caylee, nor find whatever is told to be Believable.

    *OneOp*: No, I don’t think any of us have heard it “confirmed” that Casey herself made the Computer Searches, although, if those Searches definitely do exist, I would personally find it hard to believe that anyone else would have a reason to do so. Still, this whole Chloroform issue is a Mystery in itself, and one on which we have to wait and see how it’s all Dissected in Court.

  16. Honeydog Says:

    (P.S: I also agree that the “Computer Searches” should be brought-up at Trial (again, if this still stands as an undisputable Fact), and that— despite some considerable support to “possible means”— it probably WOULD be a “hindering” Factor, as, no one, not even The Prosecution, can absolutely-without-a-doubt “Prove” that Casey “used” Chloroform on Caylee in the first place, nor, as was said above, that it was the “only” means of her Cause of Death, whether “Intentional” or otherwise. Yes, good to at least put it out there, but bad to try to “Bank” on it).

  17. cali patti Says:

    Anything is possible with Casey. Casey probably did do the choloform searchs on the computer. Casey could have manufactured choloform and given it Caylee. That is why evidence should be introduced into the trial.
    I just think Casey is more of a reactive person. Casey being lazy only did what she had to do to get along in life. Even then she did not work. Something happened that night Casey left home in anger with Caylee. However Caylee died, it was because of an action by Casey. Wether accidental or not it was back onto Casey. At that moment when Casey decided NOT to call EMT’s the stories and cover ups began.
    Just my lowly opinion.

  18. Honeydog Says:

    Oh no doubt *Cali*… As you say, there is no one else out there who is directly responsible for Caylee’s death. Casey IS it, and, Intentional or not, Right— She had to “Cover-up” for either one. That seems to be the Bottom Line, huh? and it’ll be more than quite Interesting to see which way it leans at Trial. And, please, don’t ever refer to your Opinions as “Lowly”! I for one enjoy, appreciate, and find your Information and Point of View knowledgable and well-taken… and that’s what makes the Conversation go-round!

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