Major Tornadoes Hit Southern US

Powerful storms and tornadoes ripped across Mississippi and Alabama this afternoon, toppling trees, snapping power lines and ripping off roofs. There’s definitely some wild weather going on and it’s certainly not over yet. Be safe if you’re living or traveling down South today!

From CNN:

The city of Clinton, Mississippi, suffered “extensive damage” when a tornado touched down, according to Mississippi’s Emergency Management Agency.

The city’s mayor said no one was injured in the storm, which tore the roof from a hotel and caused major damage to a bank and numerous homes. It narrowly missed an elementary school and a church daycare packed with about 650 children between them, she added.

In Alabama, a tornado emergency was issued for the towns of Geiger, Panola, New West Green, and Pleasant Ridge, according to the National Weather Service. It said storm spotters were tracking a large and dangerous tornado that was a half mile wide and located about 23 miles northwest of Livingston Friday afternoon.

The National Weather Service said it had received a report of a tornado near Melvin, Alabama, that may have caused damage to the Hunt Oil Refinery there. A company spokeswoman said no damage had occurred there, however.

Tornadoes also were reported near Linden in Alabama and in or near the cities of Loper, Madden, Mount Sterling and Ludlow in Mississippi, according to the Weather Service.

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One Comment on “Major Tornadoes Hit Southern US”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    It was rather “Windy” the past couple of Days here where I live, and I kind of thought it was strange for the middle of April. Even though I’m further North-East, I think now it had to have been Remmnants of those Storms. Funny how you can feel things in the Air that are happening quite far away.

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