Casey Anthony: Jury Selection Update?

According to WESH, Judge Perry mentioned that if a jury cannot be chosen at what has been stated as an “undisclosed location outside of Orange County”, he would pick jurors for the trial in Orlando.

From WESH:

Defense attorneys claim that the Orange County community has shown extreme hostility towards Anthony.

Defense lawyers want the case to use jurors from another city in Florida due to the amount of publicity the case has received.

Perry said if any objections to an orange County jury prevail, he will come up with a secondary location to pick jurors from.

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3 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Jury Selection Update?”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    … and he ain’t just Whistlin’ Dixie. I don’t usually watch “Nancy Grace” much anymore, but tonight’s Show— with Bill Schaffer, Kathy Belich, Jean Cassares, and the Owner of the Shop where Casey got her “Bella Vita” Tattoo (who, by the way, stated that he got his Subpoena to Testify)…(they were all in Orlando)— was REALLY good… Alot of Updates. There is SO much incriminating “Evidence” being allowed in— I mean, just about everything we all here would want to see in (YAY!)… The Defense isn’t going to be able to try to use their Last-Ditch Strategy that Casey had “Mental” problems as the reason for her Behavior while Caylee was “Missing” because it would require them to put her on the Stand (Double YAY!)… and Judge Perry is tightening the Reins with strict words that this Trial “will not be delayed”, and if there is any pussy-footing around over the potential Jurors interviews, he’ll get them himself (Triple YAY!). It was also reported that Jurors will see graphic Pictures of Caylee’s remains and the Autopsy, as well as the Video of Casey’s infamous Shopping Spree at Target. Along with the entire Panel, a Florida Homicide Detective familiar with the Case agreed that, although there is no means by which to determine the actual Cause of Death, by the time the Jury has been presented with all the pieces of the Puzzle, it won’t even matter, and that, right now, it definitely doesn’t look good for You-know-Who. Naturally, considering this Case’s Track Record, I’ll believe it when I see it, but, based on everything I heard tonight, I’m content, and I don’t need the “Prozac” (LOL!).

  2. cali patti Says:

    well darn thought you might share the prozac…!

  3. Honeydog Says:

    LOL! Catch me at Trial Time, *Cali*… I’m sure THAT’LL call for it!

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