Casey Anthony: Defense Team Withdraws Mental Health Experts

Casey Anthony’s defense team has withdrawn a second mental health expert that it wanted to testify at the upcoming murder trial.

From WESH:

The defense had said it planned to introduce testimony at the trial from two mental health experts, Dr. Jeffrey Danzinger and William Weitz, that would rebut the idea of her “consciousness of guilt.” Legal experts said the strategy could help prevent Anthony having to take the stand in her own defense.

Since word of the new witnesses, both sides in the case have been fighting over the experts’ opinions and whether they should be allowed at the trial.

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6 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Defense Team Withdraws Mental Health Experts”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    The Defense knows that it would be a tremendous Mistake trying to go with the “Mental Issues” Strategy. Not only would it mean Casey taking the Stand and being Cross-Examined by The Prosecution, but she would resort to the kinds of Stories she gave in the past, the Jury would see right through her, and not buy any of it.

  2. zelda Says:

    I am so sick of this case……….get it over with already.I don’t give a damn WHAT they decide or do if they just lock her up………..
    I wonder what they are coming up with on the Kyron Hormon case?There are so many monster women out there killing kids………..they have not found Kyron yet and the step mom aint talkin.I’d like to be alone with HER for a few minutes………
    Inhuman sicko bitches all………

  3. Honeydog Says:

    Well it won’t be long now my Friend, and before we know it, the “Anthony Syndrome” will be a thing of the past and we’ll be twidling our Thumbs at the Keyboard (won’t that be nice!). Yeah, poor Kyron. So many of these Cases just fade away, and you know damn-well that someone knows something and is still walking around Scott-Free. At least they’ve GOT Casey Anthony, Joran VanDerSloot, the “Cummings Clan”, and “Mommie Dearest” for little Zahara, but I know what you mean about Kyron’s Step-Mom…. She’s got that “Guilty-but-HaHa-you-can’t-touch-me” look that I’d like to rearrange right along with ya.

  4. jon Says:

    Zelda and HoneyDog: Don’t fret, once Casey’s case is over, we can all look forward to Cindy’s obstruction and/or perjury trial, C&G’s divorce hearing and Lee’s make-over on a reality show. I still say, as I did last year, put the entire clan on “Lost” and let them stay that way. Kill one another off in a jungle somewhere. I’m sick of them all too.

  5. zelda Says:

    jon and honeydog…………it’s good to have like minds out there………your posts are right on .It lets me know we are not ALL crazy in this old world and that good will always outweigh the bad no matter how ugly.
    Thanks my friends!!!!

  6. Honeydog Says:

    *Jon*, not a bad idea, but, OUR Luck, some determined Orangutan— stopping to releive himself at the same Tree on three different days— would stumble upon them, send a Note to Flordia via Hawk, and, even though it would take a while for the Authorities here to believe it, they would eventually go get them and bring them all back. I think the Orangutan would probably be rewarded with Bananas and Berries, but Jungle Life would never be the same for him. LOL!

    Zelda???? Help! I’m starting to LOSE it! LOL!!

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