Thank You! 1,000,000 Times. Thank You!

As I’m writing this post, Kreuzer’s Korner currently stands at 999,450 page views. Absolutely amazing!

When I started the blog, I never thought I’d hit 1,000 or even 10,000. For some reason, after the first couple months, people started to stop by. The amount of readers seemed to grow daily.

Now, to be sitting 500 page views from 1 million? I’m speechless! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I’m glad that everyone has found a place to come…to read…to have a discussion. For the most part…we’ve kept it clean šŸ™‚

Whether it’s been Casey/Caylee Anthony, music, sports, politics, world news…I hope that I’ve been able to bring some information into your lives! Yeah…sometimes the stories aren’t earth shattering…but it’s been stuff that I’ve been interested in šŸ™‚

So…here’s to the next 1 million page views!!!

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13 Comments on “Thank You! 1,000,000 Times. Thank You!”

  1. Sherry Says:

    :mrgreen: ~congrats!~

  2. Hey John, way to go. Congratulations!

  3. knight owl Says:

    Hip Hip Hooray, you are a good egg and deserve it and many more. I have really enjoyed the privilege of being allowed to post on your wonderful site. Thank you~~

  4. Linda Says:

    congrats John….keep on trucken

  5. One Op Says:

    You keep a great blog John, always a pleasure stopping here, you deserve the
    best rewards.

  6. mary in michigan Says:

    Congradulations John & thank you!!!! I rarely post here but often lurk. You do a great job! Thanks again.

  7. Honeydog Says:

    Well this deserves a TOAST!!….

    “Here’s to you John, for a Job done obviously very well. And, for the wealth of News and Information, interesting and controversial Stories, and Personal Touches you’ve passed-along, as well as affording us the opportunity to be a part of it and the always-pleasant experience we can expect here, I Thank You. Congratulations, and may the Number continue to deservingly grow!”

  8. Laurali Says:

    You keep a very clean blog! Keep up the good work. We appreciate you also.

  9. Diana Says:

    Thank you *John

    for sharing your travels, kids and family with us through videos and posts. You have many fans on wordpress. ~Diana

  10. Kreuzer33 Says:

    It’s pretty cool. I plan to take a picture when it passes 1,000,000. I’ve got to thank all of the people who stop by and voice their opinions (and those who just “lurk”). Without readers, I’d just be talking to myself…hell…I do enough of that as it is! šŸ™‚

  11. FANTASTIC milestone, John! Congratulations when it comes, and many millions more.

  12. cali patti Says:

    Congrats to you Dave.
    Nice to have a young Californian do so well.
    Many more … to you

  13. zelda Says:

    Neato John………!

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