“Journalist” Blames Bryan Stow for Attack at Dodger Stadium

Seriously? I can’t even begin to come up with any words for this. Just check out the article for yourself.

Please note that “due to an overwhelming response, comments have been stopped.” Overwhelming negative comments bashing the “journalist” John Steigerwald.


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2 Comments on ““Journalist” Blames Bryan Stow for Attack at Dodger Stadium”

  1. Sherry Says:

    Un. Be. leivable! 😯

    This guy just made no sense at all! My husband is 60 years old and wears Bears/Bulls jerseys and hats all of the time. This guy thinks there should be a cut off age and that one should def not wear an opposing team’s name to games. Ridiculous!

    I pray Mr. Stow will come out of this OK but it appears the he has brain damage. I hope they catch the punks, too. The only logo they need to wear is the prison one. What a disgrace to the Dodgers’ fans these two are.

  2. Honeydog Says:

    I feel so bad for this poor guy who went to enjoy himself at this Game— INNOCENT in every respect. And this so-called “Journalist” is an Asshole, deserving of worse than being bashed only with negative comments. It is so unfortunate and disgusting that Sports Events have come to this, and the day that Fans can’t go to Games wearing whatever Team Apparel they damn-well please is the day this great American Pastime ends. Arena Officials had better get their shit together, and, perhaps instead of spending a Fortune on high-fallooting entertainment and the like, put-out the Money to provide and ensure the protection and safety of the PEOPLE— the FANS— who fill the Seats, and without who, there would BE no Live Spectator Games, nor tons of Money made. Incidents like this are bound to put a definite Damper on the Spirits of Game-goers, and this is not what preserving and enjoying our “Baseball and Apple Pie” Legacy is all about. I pray for Mr. Stow, and I pray harder that someone’s Conscience gets to them when these despicable low-life Punks eventually— if they haven’t already— let their involvement Slip out.

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