Casey Anthony: What About Her Mental Health?

Prosecutors questioned two mental health experts under oath yesterday who were late additions to the witness list submitted by Anthony’s defense team.

From WESH:

In court filings, her defense said they want the two to testify to rebut allegations about Anthony’s so-called “consciousness of guilt.”

The defense claims the psychiatrists will help them explain Anthony’s behavior during the time when prosecutors claim she lied to her families and investigators.

“I’ve got to think what these people are being deposed about is what (defense attorney) Jose Baez said he would reveal in the first two minutes of his opening statement — about why Casey took 31 days to report this to her family,” said Orlando criminal defense attorney Richard Hornsby, who is not affiliated with the case.

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8 Comments on “Casey Anthony: What About Her Mental Health?”

  1. Lona1 Says:

    well, that’s put it this way: Her mental health ain’t good right about now!

  2. Honeydog Says:

    I believe that Casey not only knew very-well what she was doing throughout, but “Calculating” in doing so. She’s simply that kind of person. It’s part of her Character to Lie and Manipulate. I hope The Prosecution remembers that even her Ex-Fiance, Jesse Grund, called the way Casey always Lied in the past “Diabolical”, as well as one of her closest Friends (I think Amy) confirming that Casey was ALWAYS a Liar, and that you “couldn’t Trust anything she said”. There was no “Mental Health Issue” happening during those 31 Days— She was simply being herself, believed she could disregard the matter and move on, and, if necessary, would wiggle her way out of it the way she did with everything else in her Life during any OTHER Month of her Calendar Years.

  3. Mustang_Sally Says:

    I hope the prosecution gets somebody to diagnose her as a sociopath. A sociopath is someone who suffers from Anti-social Personality Disorder, which means that they do not feel normal human emotions; they lack remorse, shame or guilt; and their emotions are shallow. They are extremely rational, but without feeling. To a sociaopath, if you want someone out of your way then it is rational to kill them. (It is human empathy which dictates to the rest of us that this is wrong.) A sociopath is uncontrolled by human emotion and we see that Casey has displayed no emotions for Caylee’s death since day 1…she has no remorse, and she sheds no tears for little girl, only herself. Watch the videos as she jabbs at her eyes in an attempt to make tears, because no doubt she was told to squeeze them out at the proper time. When we cry, tears run from both eyes, however, since she’s only putting pressure on the corner of one eye, she has invisible tears from the other. Look closely and most of the time there are NO tears at all! I believe she probably chloroformed that child many times, and no matter how you view it, sedating a child, not to mention duct taping them to keep them quiet, is in my opinion, premediation to murder. As far as any question as to Casey’s mental health, well, her jail house videos say it all…’its all about only her.’ Furthermore, we can just sit back and watch her behavior in the courtroom and it doesn’t take a professional degree in mental health to figure out what she is all about! What kind of human being, especially a mother, finds something so amusing during these pre-court proceedings that render her to laugh, giggle, and flirt with her attorneys? There is nothing funny about the details of a dead child-HER dead child! NO mother who loved their child would ever behave this way.

  4. Toasty Says:

    Great blog Mustang Sally! I agree with everything you are saying. I mean, this was so premeditated! She was looking for ways to kill little Caylee weeks before it happened. Casey is a cold blooded murderer who “slaughtered” little Caylee!
    Now, 48 hrs. is saying she should be acquitted!! Hope Kruezer touches on that!

  5. Toasty Says:

    Now they are talking about doing a “make over”….how do u make over evil?

  6. zelda Says:

    What the hell?

  7. zelda Says:

    Thanks for the link John,,,,,,,,

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