Casey Anthony: Jose Baez Bashes “Air Tests”

Casey Anthony’s defense attorney Jose Baez slammed both the air-sample tests that found evidence of human decomposition in his clients car and the prosecution’s key air-sample expert, Dr. Arpad Vass.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

In referring to Dr. Vass and his method with the air samples, Baez said, “This is not science; this is guesswork.”

Baez launched his attack using a PowerPoint presentation. His arguments focus on Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the testing the scientists there conducted for this case.

Baez says ORNL refused to turn over the decompositions database, chromatograms and validation tests.

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20 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Jose Baez Bashes “Air Tests””

  1. zelda Says:

    I think we should listen up ,,old Baez is an authority on air don’t you think…since is is full of it.Hot that is……..
    what an ass……..

  2. cali patti Says:

    ahh Zelda,
    thanks for my mornings first smile. You have such a way with words.

    Baez does have a huge problem with how he comes across in the courtroom. I have always tried to be supportive of Casey getting the best defense possible. Baez’s demeaner in the courtroom is disrespectful, his voice is boring and appears to be clueless and mean at times.

  3. cali patti Says:

    oops ~ and and and,,,sorry for those.

  4. knight owl Says:

    A question for Baez, are human and cadaver dogs noses junk sceince too? Let’s stick his nose in the death mobile for a good two minutes and see what happens. My guess is we will have to wait about an hour for him to stop throwing up before he can answer this question.

  5. knight owl Says:

    Might i say Baez Lawyering is guess work? Now we all know why he stinks as a lawyer. His real knowledge is in Science guesswork. lol.

  6. knight owl Says:

    Zelda, brilliant observation and it gave me a great laugh.

  7. knight owl Says:

    Hi Kreuzer. Thanks for the article.

  8. jon Says:

    Zelda: great observation!

    Knight Owl: Baez makes me sick enough as it is. The thought of him puking is just gross, although I would love to see how far back he’d jump if a can of the decomp air were to be passed under his nose. Seeing him turn green might be a fun moment though!
    And, if he has to puke in public, maybe his classy star client squatted and urinated between the cars – the spot has been tainted already so I doubt it would make difference environmentally!

  9. jon Says:

    correction: his classy star client can show him the spot where she squatted…….

  10. cali patti Says:

    omg, Jon, really, you really wrote that. LOL…

  11. Andrea Says:

    Hi Kruezer and all….

    Just another little reminder to vote for Yuri! Tomorrow is the final date to vote!

    Thanks to all!

  12. knight owl Says:

    John, so funny, seeing him turn green like you said would be enjoyable. The thought of Baez puking is gross alright and it might cause his big head to explode. lol. I Would say if he smelled that air from the death mobile he would jump back at least two feet and most likely would faint. However he would revive to say that smell was not decomp. hahaha.

  13. Honeydog Says:

    God I can’t stand it. As I said before, unless Baez has a higher Degree and more years of experience in Scientific Forensic Testing, his Head is way up his A** (which probably IS “the worst Odor you could ever smell and never forget”!). (Did I REALLY just SAY that!… Speaking of Puking, think I just made MYSELF sick!!).

    Okay, I’m back (LOL!). So wait a minute… The Lab “REFUSED” to turn-over that stuff?? Me no think so. (God, he’s got me speaking SPANISH now!).

    This guy makes me Nuts! (Hmmmm, Ice Cream Sundae sounds good right about now). I’m gonna go. I’m delerious. ZELDA! where’s the PROSAC??!!

  14. knight owl Says:

    Honeydog, you have cracked me up. I am still laughing. I so feel like you do.

  15. zelda Says:

    HAHAHAHAHA………great post Honeydog.
    I just sucked down my last Prozac,,,,,but I will get more soon and let you know.

  16. Honeydog Says:

    Okay. LOL.

  17. One Op Says:

    Are you two really on prozac? Does it help?

  18. Honeydog Says:

    Hi *OneOp*! Zelda and I just started going-off on the Prozac thing as a Joke a couple of Posts back.
    I was saying how Crazy this Case has been and how it’s affected us, and, as an LOL, said that I wasn’t sure I’d make it through the actual Trial without something to calm me down.

  19. One Op Says:

    lol, I just thought i might need some because this case puts such a strain on my mental capabilities.

  20. zelda Says:

    LOL! Dear sweet OneOp…………we were only kidding about the prozac…our way of saying we are stressed about the case like you are…..WE KNOW how you feel……….

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