Another Large Earthquake Rocks Japan

CNN is reporting that within the past hour, a 7.4 earthquake has rocked Japan off the coast of Miyagi.

There is currently a Tsunami watch in affect but no word on whether or not one has been generated.

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3 Comments on “Another Large Earthquake Rocks Japan”

  1. zelda Says:


  2. One Op Says:

    We value our human life so much and when it comes to disasters of what we call nature we have no say when and where they may happen. That fact alone makes it hard to understand why mankind (and womankind 🙂 ) keep destroying each other out of hatreds across all the lands. From calm refreshing breeze can come such a storm that so destroys everything we are, have and hold dear. Why do we need to keep doing it to ourselves and each other when it seems all we need to do is wait for that unplanned event we hope never comes. Well, I don’t often make sense with what I write, but this is genius.

  3. Honeydog Says:

    I’m wondering what the Scientific Experts (would they be “Weather”?..”Environmental”?..??) are saying about this— like, what is causing these significantly-large Earthquakes in Japan. Gosh, those poor people, and I can’t imagine the Fear associated with wondering whether another Tsunami will be rolling-in at any given moment. I hope to God not.

    And *OneOp*, you make all the Sense in the World. Each and every day, each and every one of us on this Earth is in a Game of Russian Roulette with literally everything that surrounds us, yet Blind to being a Player. We’re so unsuspecting of the slightest or most tragic events which could be lurking beyond our Naked Eye and every-day Thoughts. Then you think of War, Violent Crime, Hatred and the like, and it does make you wonder why we CAN’T keep in mind that just being here and being alive is a Privilege beyond compare, and that there are far-worse “natural” Forces out there, bigger and badder than we are or will ever be, that can quickly let us all know “who’s Boss”, and, in the blink of an Eye, make all the self-indulgent self-destruction in absolute Vain.

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