Casey Anthony: Who’s Sprung a Leak?

Defense attorney Jose Baez is keeping an eye on who might be speaking with the media when questioning sheriff’s detectives, crime-scene investigators and an FBI agent.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

While Baez has seemed, at times, preoccupied with the media, legal experts say the defense may be trying to find out whether rogue investigators worked the case or show whether Anthony’s due-process rights were violated.

“Do I think he has a legitimate interest from a legal standpoint in inquiring of law enforcement and witnesses, ‘Have you talked to the press? Did you leak this?’ Yeah,” said Orlando attorney Bill Sheaffer, who provides legal analysis on the case for WFTV-Channel 9. “I think, in general, the defense preoccupation with the press is a little abnormal. But it’s of their own making.”

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5 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Who’s Sprung a Leak?”

  1. BJ Says:

    P-l-e-a-s-e…its Cindy, Baez, and Mason who have always sought the media to spew all their mistruths and half-truths in order to manipulate the justice system.

  2. offthecuff Says:

    Wouldn’t it take but little investigative work to show how involved the defense team has been in “sharing” info to the press over these past couple years?

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  5. Honeydog Says:

    Personally, I have to agree with Bill Sheaffer, in that, generally speaking, I do think that those who are questioned SHOULDN’T put themselves in a compromising position between the Case and the Media. Myself, I’d be afraid to say a WORD if a Reporter stuck a Microphone in my Face, or wanted to have me as a “Guest” on their TV Show. But let’s face it, EVERYone has been doing it ALL ALONG— INCLUDING The Anthony Family, Casey’s own Defense Attorneys (present AND past), Zenaida Fernando-Gonzales, Roy Kronk, Dr. Henry Lee, Tim Miller, Leonard Padilla, etc. etc. etc… Funny, these are among the “main” Witnesses— with Baez himself mixed right in— but I’ve never seen or heard a Peep from ANY “Law Enforcement” or FBI Officials. Unlike the rest of the bunch, I think they know better. Before he suddenly wants to call this a “No-No”, Baez had better “Sweep his own Doorstep”.

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