GoDaddy Chief Blasted for Elephant Kill

The CEO of is facing criticism for an online video that shows him shooting and killing an elephant in Zimbabwe.

From CNN:

Bob Parsons, founder of the Scottsdale, Arizona-based web-hosting service, posted the graphic video on his Twitter account on March 14. The footage, shot March 8, shows him hunting an elephant on a farm and posing with a shotgun beside its corpse.

Then, it shows locals crowding around the dead animal and cutting off pieces of its meat.

Now, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has initiated an online boycott of and its services until Parsons “stops shooting animals,” according to the organization’s website.

Parsons’ own website has also been inundated by negative comments protesting the video.

“A lot of the people who are upset about this are animal lovers,” Parsons told CNN. “Their heart is in the right place, but they just don’t understand the situation.”

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3 Comments on “GoDaddy Chief Blasted for Elephant Kill”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    As a long-standing and involved member of PETA and several other organizations fighting for the Rights and Welfare of neglected, abused/tortured, and endangered Animals around the World, I join my fellow avid Animal Activists and Animal Lovers accross the Country in saying, this guy is a POMPOUS ASSHOLE. Mr. Parsons claims that shooting and killing this African Elephant— which, incidentally, was among the dwindling population of its Species and in danger of becoming Extinct— was to “feed the people of Zimbabwe”. On the contrary, there is no “situation” to “understand” here— other than the cruel and unneccessary actions of a self-indulgent and attention-seeking “Web Host” intent on spreading “Video hits” and gaining acclamation while proclaiming “Heroic” efforts. If Parsons was truly concerned and interested in helping to feed these people, he would have, among other options, instead used the considerable amount of Money he spent on his expensive “Hunting Excursion” to purchase and donate Food. Suggesting that this ONE Elephant makes an impact on feeding a Population of so many is preposterous, and it is clear that Parsons’ desire to boast about and flaunt his “Trophy-Kill” on the Internet is just that. These Elephants are docile, highly-intelligent, Family-oriented Animals, which are in significant need of Protection from “Poachers” and the International Ivory Trade, and I will continue to be committed to standing-up and against the Bob Parsons in the World, who are the REAL individuals who “don’t understand the situation”, by failing to consider and have Compassion for the Animals themselves which deserve to live-out their lives on this Earth as we do, as well as realizing the factual Threat of many such Animals being only known to future generations in History Books. Bob Parsons, Your “GoDaddy” can go to hell.

  2. zelda Says:

    I once had an account with Go Daddy,,,,,,,never again!
    What a crock of crap.
    Maybe he should change the name of his biz to “No Gonaddies”
    Just terrible to kill anything,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but an elephant………..what an ass.

  3. Unknown Says:

    Wow, you people are driven by emotion over logic a bit too much. The man and the company are two separate entities. The real question to ask one self is “does the company provide a service worthy of the price?” and if the answer is yes, which for most people it is, then your choice is to utilize it. Not, do I like the CEO and his actions. how many CEOs do we really like afterall, yet most of us still buy gas and shop at Wal*Mart, right?

    Is what he did “wrong”, well we all have our own opinions on that matter. I think it was, as most see it, a bit of a marketing campaign to an extent. Was it a good one? Well, we are talking about it, arent we? I also see it as a wealthy man choosing to partake in game hunting as the way to spend his fortune, which is legal regardless of our opinions on the matter. He didnt break any laws. In fact if you do some research or reach out to some people in that country (I happen to have many friends in Zimbabwe, which is why I chose to actually respond), you will find his money did go to the people, as opposed to the corrupt government. All the ivory was turned over to the tribal authorities and profits will go to benefit that village. Sure, he could of just given them cash and food, but remember, he was fulfilling a desire of his to game hunt – which is where our opinion on his actions are truly formed. We cant disagree on his humanitarian efforts with his wealth either. I checked out some of his claims and they are true as far as the millions he donates to charities every year.

    So, in the end, I wont be leaving this company as a webhost, and I think many of the people who have will probably end up going back when they realize the quality of service the company he founded provides. I stress the company he founded, which is run by many people who actually provide the “World Class” service they boast so often about providing.

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