Casey Anthony: Mother Sprayed Car With Febreze

Casey Anthony’s mother, Cindy Anthony, took the stand earlier today where she answered questions about the car and the odor coming from it back on July 15, 2008.

From My Fox Orlando:

Defense Attorney Jose Baez asked Cindy Anthony about the odor coming from the car and what she and her husband George did. Anthony said George opened the windows and the trunk of the car to air out the odor. She said George then went to work and she stayed and removed items from the car. “Casey had left one of her work purses in the car and I noticed in the trunk of the car was a backpack of Caylee. I took that out to let it air out took her doll that she calls mama out.”

Cindy Anthony then testified that she sprayed the car with Febreze to try and get rid of the odor. “I sprayed the entire car with Febreze. I used almost a whole can and then I put dryer sheets through out the car.”

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7 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Mother Sprayed Car With Febreze”

  1. zelda Says:

    must have been some rotten pizza eh? good gawd……..very damning evidence that is was the odor from a body,,,,,,,

  2. Honeydog Says:

    I watched portions of Cindy’s Testimony on JVM, and the Panel’s discussion of what all this may mean for both The Defense and The Prosecution. Because Cindy never mentioned any of these details in her original Testimony way-back-when (claims she “forgot” due to all the Turmoil), she is under Scrutiny by The Prosecution for “Changing her Story”. (I don’t know if anyone else saw the Footage, but, personally, as I listened to her and how she described the Odor and what she did, it just seemed so obvious that she KNEW, and was covering-up for Casey. She did admit to the Odor being the worst she had smelled, but then quickly injected “at that time”— as if to suggest that she wouldn’t say the same thing now). Hard to say what The Prosecution intends to do with this, but The Defense may very-well plan to use it to their advantage (if this “new Story” is allowed in) by saying that it was the entire Can of
    “Febreze” Cindy sprayed which caused the high levels of “Chloroform” to be found in the Car Trunk. Either way, another new Twist-and-Turn….
    I just hope The Prosecution either comes down hard on this latest and previously-omitted Testimony, or, if it DOES make it to the Trial, that they keep driving Home the one main and most important of Cindy’s “initial” Statements— admitting to the Smell of a Dead Body having been in the Car.

    (I find it funny that Cindy said that Casey had “left one of her Work Purses in the Car”… Wonder what kind of “Work” stuff was in it, since Casey HAD no work. Also interesting that Caylee called her Doll “Mama out”— I wouldn’t be afraid to Bet that this came from the answer she always got from her Grandparents when she asked where her Mother was).

  3. jon Says:

    I watched her testimony too and came away thinking that this woman is digging herself into a major hole. First of all, since choloform is an illegal substance, if Febreze or dryer sheets produced it, I would think the FDA would have set guidelines a long time ago to limit the amount of the chemical these items could produce and it certainly wouldn’t be anywhere near as high as the levels evidently found in Casey’s trunk. Secondly, I think it’s pretty obvious (and will be to a jury) that Cindy is trying to cover and backtrack as much as she can to protect Casey and herself.

  4. zelda Says:

    IT was,,,,,,,,,,typo

  5. Honeydog Says:

    Hi *Jon*, nice to see you back. Ya know, I’m not quite sure which one, George or Cindy, is going to make the bigger mess of things at the Trial. Although Cindy seems to have “calmed down” considerably and is actually Polite and Accommodating to recent Questioning, she’s also now taking a “U-Turn” on alot of things… and George, he clearly still has an “Attitude” and a “Short-Fuse”, as we saw in his recent Testimony. Personally, although I forsee both of them definitely being Emotional and breaking-down, I’d put my Money on George being the one to cause the most “Trouble”, while Cindy, as you say, will be “Beating around the Bush”. It’s going to be quite interesting, that’s for sure.

  6. jon Says:

    Hey Honeydog: Good to be back too. Everyone once in a while I need an Anthony-free period to get my sense of equilibrium back. I have a feeling you’re right: George will certainly be more emotional, but Cindy will probably come across as calculating and manipulative, which will sit just as bad with the jury. She’s already being caught in lies and half truths and I hope the Prosecution goes for the jugular during her cross examination at trial and calls her on everything. I think, given what we saw a couple of weeks ago, that Lee will probably just melt on the stand. That “maybe” he owned up to indicated that to me. Also, aren’t you glad Cindy finally got a haircut?

  7. Honeydog Says:

    Besides Lee, I also thought it was interesting when George put his Head down and hesitated for a good several seconds before slowly shaking it up and down and answering “Yes” to “You would do anything to protect her (Casey), right?”, as though he was ashamed and guilt-ridden to admit it. I just know he knows the Truth deep down inside, and his sudden swings from crying to arrogantly challenging the Attorney questioning him is classic behavior of the sadness in the knowledge of it all and the strong Desire and Struggle to want to Deny it. Cindy got a Haircut????

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