Casey Anthony: Judge Perry Threatens Attorneys

The fireworks are beginning!

Judge Belvin Perry has threatened to fine both state and defense attorneys after they sparred back and forth with each other during a court hearing.

From WKMG:

Judge Belvin Perry told state prosecutor Jeff Ashton and defense attorney Jose Baez that he would fine them $100 every time they spoke to each other during the proceedings instead of him as courtroom decorum requires.

Perry’s admonishment came after a verbal exchange between the attorneys during the hearing, which will determine what the jury will hear at Anthony’s upcoming trial.

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5 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Judge Perry Threatens Attorneys”

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  2. zelda Says:

    Go B.P.,,,,,,,,,,,,go B.P,,,,,,,,,go Perry!

  3. carol Says:

    I think that judge perry should do something to Baez.
    Anthony’s lawyers our nothing but trouble makers. And they keep trying to change things around. I would never trust Baez. Just look at that smerk on his face all the time plus the other jerk that is with him.I mean Mason I wish they would make her take the state lawyer.Why have the tax payers pay for this. Because they will be using up all the Perry put your foot down and tell Baez straight out that all these everidenc will be in. His clainet should of thought of this before she killed her little girl.Why didn’t she give her to somebody if she didn’t want her

  4. OneOp Says:

    Casey did express her willingness and consideration to give her new born baby away. I don’t know but somewhere in the back of my mind something has been said that Cindy and maybe George also wanted her to keep the child. It would be a guess but could be that they agreed to help Casey with caring and providing because she was single, didn’t seem to know who the father was. This is where, I believe, Cindy and George stepped into a situation leading to the time when they expected Casey to take more responsibility for Caylee after all it was more than two years and Casey had done nothing but party from the time Caylee had been born. Responsibility and giving up her lifestyle was just too much, wasn’t it? The interesting thought at this point was that Cindy and George would have taken or possibly adopted Caylee. Thought is Casey didn’t ever want her, BUT certainly did not want her parents to have her. As facts have concluded. moo

  5. Honeydog Says:

    I can imagine, with as long as this whole thing has been going on and the Trial being right around the corner, their Stress Levels are high, but they should know better. I couldn’t believe how calm and soft-spoken Judge Perry was when he told them he was tired of hearing them argue, and his words were few but not to be undermined. It was impressive. Though I don’t know how he does it, Thank Goodness for his Sensible, Level-headed, and Sharp Perfection in overseeing this Fiasco.

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