Casey Anthony: New Witnesses?

Casey Anthony’s defense attorneys are in court today to argue that they should be allowed to add late witnesses to the case.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Two of those witnesses are prepared to testify about Casey Anthony “and recent rulings related to the defendant’s state of mind and consciousness of guilt,” according to a defense motion.

Aside from Dr. Jeffrey Danziger and William Weitz, the defense wants to use four other late witnesses.

Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton wants to depose both Danziger and Weitz before he can assess whether there is good cause to allow these witnesses late or if they are prejudicial to the state. Both are set to be deposed next week, April 7.

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2 Comments on “Casey Anthony: New Witnesses?”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    Ya know, I just don’t get it… Judge Perry set their Deadline, it has come and gone, and, just like so many other times, The Defense act like they’re excluded from abiding by the rules. I suppose if both The Prosecution and the Judge have no problem with this “late entry”, neither do I, but how many more times is something or some one “new” going to pop-up that The Defense says Oh!..Wait a minute! and think it’s okay to cause disruption. Afterall, one thing ALWAYS leads to ANOTHER. I don’t believe they’re EVER going to be satisfied OR, reach the end of ANYthing, as long as they’re permitted to keep on stretching it.

  2. zelda Says:


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