Ohio Police Find Body That May be Missing Mother

Authorities in Ohio believe they may have found the body of Summer Inman, a 25-year-old mother of three who was reported missing last week.

Inman was working as part of a cleaning crew at a local bank when she was grabbed and forced into a white vehicle after stepping outside for a moment.

Her ex-husband, father-in-law and mother-in-law are currently in custody, facing kidnapping charges.

From CNN:

Police in the southeastern Ohio city of Logan have scheduled a Wednesday morning news conference where they are expected to release more information about the case.

“Tonight, the investigation into the kidnapping of Summer Inman has taken a sad turn, as investigators may have located Summer’s body just off U.S. 33,” the Logan Police Department said in a statement released Tuesday night.

Inman’s abduction and the arrests connected to her case have made national news recently.

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11 Comments on “Ohio Police Find Body That May be Missing Mother”

  1. cali patti Says:

    Doesnt she have 3 children? With this type of family history and gene pool those 3 children have an incredible hurdle to overcome in life

  2. zelda Says:

    What the hell is the matter with people??? Husbands are murdering their wives right and left…..and their kids too…..I am mortified.
    Not to mention the WOMEN killing kids…..my gawd.
    What a world……

  3. offthecuff Says:

    Thanks to a someone in the family telling where the body was…otherwise they would never have found it. Sick people.

  4. cali patti Says:

    Is it because of the internet we hear of all these killings? Or have the killings become more prolific?
    I also do not understand at all. Not certain I want to understand.

  5. zelda Says:

    I don’t understand either cali patti….
    I wish we could get the stats on that just so we could be more clear headed on it all.

  6. Honeydog Says:

    Another shocking and unbelievable story. Although still horrible, murdering-Husbands have become the “norm”— but your own In-Laws TOO? My God. Thankfully she was found, and, equally important, so were her killers. Not only do I hate it when individuals go missing and are never seen or heard from again, but I can’t stand it when a Body eventually turns up and there’s a killer out there who ends-up never being known or caught. I always feel badly for the Victim of course, but you can’t help feeling better about it when whoever is responsible doesn’t get away with it. I hope these three get what they deserve.

  7. zelda Says:

    Yes……..just awful……….the Mom who drove the van that they grabbed her in squealed. She asked for her lawyer and then told police where the body was dumped…….isn’t SHE a dandy.!
    Bastards……..The trouble is these creeps often get a few years instead of the deserved life without parole that would be my sentence for this human garbage.
    I will follow this “latest” murder with interest on the sentencing.
    We read about how horribly women are treated in other countries but I tell you we aren’t doing so good here either………We females have it unbelievably hard under the hand of males………….hmmmmmmmm

  8. Honeydog Says:

    Zelda, I don’t think the three of us should be
    “Politicians” anymore (LOL)… I think the Justice System is where we belong!

  9. zelda Says:

    yes………archaic as that word has become it is the deciding factor that separates us from the other animals.

    I get weary on all of this stuff…….I am battling goofy health issues that wipe me out first of all THEN all this unbelievable “human decline” just finishes me off.

  10. Honeydog Says:

    Hang in there my Friend… Me and OneOp are nothing without YOU! and anyway, no one ever heard of “The Two Musketteers!! Swashbucklers Forever!!!

  11. zelda Says:

    lol…………..thanks honeydog……..

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