Contaminated IVs Suspected in 9 Deaths

According to Alabama state health officials, nine of 19 patients who were infected with bacteria that got into their blood after they were fed intravenously have died in six hospitals.

From CNN:

“This represents an example of an outbreak that does, unfortunately, occur,” Dr. Don Williamson of the Alabama Department of Public Health told reporters in a conference call.

The bacteria, identified as serratia marcescens bacteremia, can prove fatal, though investigators — including those from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — have not determined that they caused the deaths, he said, adding that the investigation is ongoing.

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5 Comments on “Contaminated IVs Suspected in 9 Deaths”

  1. zelda Says:’s unfortunate alright……….oh well…yegawds

  2. Honeydog Says:

    I personally HATE IV’s. I had a real bad experience with a rough-and-tough Nurse one time in the Hospital, and that DID it for ME— Don’t want them in me and can’t even stand looking at them in someone else. On topic, what kind of shit is THAT— that it unfortunately DOES occur!! Well that’s just GREAT, ain’t it! As if we don’t already have enough to worry and be scared about with all that’s risky, unsafe, dangerous, and generally “not right” when we trustingly place ourselves in the hands of Health providers, but here’s one more thing that we might expect to casually happen from time to time. Boy-oh-Boy. Mistakes and more Mistakes… Deaths and more Deaths— It’s almost becomming neccessary for us to do a thorough Investigation and review of “Records” before we let any of them even touch us. Sorry, but there is no Excuse— nor room— for “unfortunate”
    Medical-Professional Error.

  3. zelda Says:

    I am with you on EVERTHING you said Honeydog.
    Both of my daughters work at our hospital here so I get a glimpse of the workerbees(nurses and dr.s) and I am not sure I would want to go there for any reason.
    To tell you the truth the local vets office makes me feel more secure.They really CARE about those dogs and cats and salamanders.
    There IS NO EXCUSE FOR “OOPS” IN THE MEDICAL FIELD,,,,,,,BUT THOSE BASTARDS KILL PEOPLE ALL THE TIME……and talk about rough,,,,gawd!I swera some of those nurses look demonic,,,,,,,,and the rest speak VERY broken english AND that SCARES ME TO DEATH. SO ANYWAY YOU LOOK AT IT IS FREAKY .
    I KNOW there are some very good nurses and doctors also…my point is they should ALL be of that caliber…… more ooooops crap!

  4. Honeydog Says:

    Wow, I know what you mean about Veterinary Hospitals! I’ve had Animals all my life, and there’s not ONE bad or unsatisfactory thing I can say about the many times and circumstances that I’ve entrusted their care to any of them. Here’s one for ya— We recently had to take our Dog to the Emergency Veterinary Center in the middle of the night… When I pulled up to the entrance in my Truck, not one, but TWO staff members came running out the door and scooped the Dog out of my arms before I even had my Truck-door all the way open, and rushed inside with him. They didn’t even know yet what was wrong. Shit!..You can sit there and be screaming in excruciating Pain at the top of your Lungs (I’ve DONE it) and not get that kind of attention and treatment in a HUMAN Emergency Room! And talk about sincere Compassion and Tenderness… As I said, as much as I hate IV’s, if I had to, I would rather a VET put it in! But yes… If only all “People” Doctors and Nurses could be of that Calibre.

  5. Honeydog Says:

    (oops, CalibER. I’m tired).

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