Casey Anthony: Did Judge Perry Get the Facts Wrong?

Casey Anthony’s defense team has filed a motion stating that Judge Belvin Perry got the facts wrong surrounding statements made by Casey Anthony to law enforcement and family and are they are now requesting another hearing.

From Central Florida News:

The motion reads: “because there are factual inaccuracies in the Court’s Order which relied upon in reaching its conclusion, the undersigned respectfully asks that the Court grant an additional hearing in order to rule on the actual facts in evidence.”

It went on to read: “The Court did not look at the evidence from the Hearing objectively and instead displays a clear bias in explaining law enforcement conduct.”

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12 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Did Judge Perry Get the Facts Wrong?”

  1. zelda Says:

    Oh for gawds sake……..

  2. zelda Says:

    I am not saying there should not be checks and balances but to drift into “criminal distortions” of those balances makes a mockery of that system.
    This case is a map for future sly dog attorneys to throw a monkey wrench into these kind of odd ball cases.
    I ask you……..if she were (casey) fat……..homely ……..of another race etc. etc. would she be getting all of this over the top attention? I think the answer is embarrassingly obvious.
    This case makes me sick……..literally sick.
    Those who would maneuver the law to within a hair of it’s definitions falls into disbarment in my opinion.

  3. Eileen Says:

    I agree with you about Baez& Cheney maneuvering the law within a hair of it’s definition. Baez clearly wants another bite of the apple. He is purely a bully being chastised by a very intelligent judge and is mad. And Cheney, by his Motion, is an attorney who cannot be challenged or declared wrong. He’s too famous. It seems to me that the defense is trying to set up another Motion to Recuse. First Strickland, now Judge Perry. Don’t they know that they are not allowed to “Judge shop”?

  4. offthecuff Says:

    The judge did an excellent job in reasoning through his denial of their motion. If the judge is being bias, it’s not in favor of the cops, but in favor of clear, reasonable procedures rather than considering any twisting for which the defense wants recognition.

  5. cali patti Says:

    ah Zelda you said it so well and with such flair.
    Like you I want Casey to receive every opportunity for a fair trial.
    It has become borderline insanity with some of the motions. A few do have merit and I can see a few items Judge Perry might not allow in.
    If the defense doesn’t want the judge becoming confused I recommend they stop trying to confuse every issue. just teasing.
    Baez comes across at times as ignorant and abrasive.

  6. OneOp Says:

    I think we should add to the drama that Mr. Ashton did indeed interrupt with his objections before Baez had finished the question and Judge Perry backed it up by requesting that he not do that. We need to carefully observe “both” sides if we want a fair trial, regardless of how we stand. It is easy to see and hear what we feel professes our personal opinion. Hi rocks! lol I can’t figure why Casey is always writing, do her attorneys instruct her to do so or maybe she is apt to behave in a radical way and they just want to keep her busy. “Looked” to me like she was ready to explode a few times and she seemed lost without CM there to give her an air of security yesterday. Shame on him for letting her swim without a lifeline. jmo’s

  7. cali patti Says:

    Casey role plays so, I am guessing she thinks she is part of team now and in a way she is. It is her team at least that is what it was intended to be.
    I don’t think she is smart enough to help.
    Whatever she is writing would make a nice sum on EBay.

  8. zelda Says:

    Oh I am sure her trial will be fair. Look at all the “fairness” she has had already?
    I am not a rabid blinded judge on this,,,,,but I want to make sure CAYLEE gets a fair trial……
    I am tossing pebble or two at you One Op,,,but softly.

  9. OneOp Says:

    Zelda, you scare the hell out of me!

  10. zelda Says:


  11. Jennifer Says:

    I really don’t understand the objections Baez is making and why the Judge already decided not to allow some of the text message and needed to read them all first before deciding on the others. Can anyone help me understand? Didn’t all the evidence have to he entered in before the trial even started? Why wouldn’t those text messages be allowed in- they go to show she was more worried about being with a guy than her daughter? I’m not saying its right Or Wong… I just don’t get it! 😦

  12. zelda Says:

    I agree Jennifer…………..sloppy decisions by judge Perry,,,,,,,,,,,those IM’s should have been allowed as they are basic to build the motive on. Judge Perry didn’t get it…And yes,,,,,,,,why didn’t he know about or why didn’t he read all this before making a ruling???? Not looking good for the judge,,,,,,,,,,and he was laughing and smiling with baez,,,,,,not good. I thought he was too “camera” aware…………..damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Boo judge Perry………………….

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