Casey Anthony: Depositions May Hint at Strategy

CNN has obtained depositions of three key witnesses in Casey Anthony’s murder trial. These depositions could hint at the defense’s potential strategy.

Full details can be found at the link below.

From CNN:

Depositions of Roy Kronk, Jan Garavaglia and Gary Utz show the defense may try to suggest that key evidence was tampered with and may be inadmissible to the jury. Even if the judge allows this evidence to be submitted during the trial, it is the defense claim that someone moved Caylee’s remains and duct tape found with the remains, which is so important to the prosecution’s case, may not have originally been over Caylee’s mouth area at all.

Meter reader Roy Kronk initially reported a suspicious-looking plastic bag in a wooded area close to the Anthony home in August 2008, two months after Caylee went missing.

Jose Baez, Casey Anthony’s attorney, questions Kronk, alluding to the idea that Kronk’s initial visit in August was to search for Caylee’s body after seeing the media at the Anthony home and learning of a $250,000 reward in the 2-year-old’s disappearance.

“You cared enough to, at that point, to look around because you wanted to investigate it, is that correct?” Baez says.

“Yeah. Well, there was a $250,000 reward,” Kronk responds.

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One Comment on “Casey Anthony: Depositions May Hint at Strategy”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    Oh God. I can’t believe this shit. Not that it means anything, but did Kronk HAVE to mention the Reward Money in his response… He couldn’t have just simply replied that he wanted to help find her— What an Idiot. The Defense loves that kind of stuff from Witnesses. As for suggesting that the Duct Tape may not have “originally” been over Caylee’s mouth at all, who the hell would think of doing something like that on a body already dead— and for what reason. I don’t think that one is going ANYwhere. Additionally, The Defense claiming that someone
    “moved” the Remains is just Dancing around the Subject— it’s got nothing to do with the Bottom Line… the fact that Caylee was murdered, and Casey Anthony— with all her Lies, Stories, and Behavior— is the “subject matter” of this Trial. In any case, I’m not worried that The Defense will be successful in either tyring to OR pinning this Crime on Roy Kronk, or anyone else— even if they do get some stupid answers which boosts their confidence level. You can almost hear the “Counterpoints”
    already that The Prosecution will bounce-back with on all this kind of crap. Seems to me it’s The Defense putting the “Junk” in Junk Science, and everything else.

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