Casey Anthony: Defense Team Asks Judge Perry to Suppress Statements

The defense team has asked Judge Belvin Perry to suppress statements made by Casey Anthony during questioning by investigators back in 2008.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

On July 15, Anthony was “unlawfully seized and handcuffed” by detectives at her home and questioned, the motion states. According to the defense, she was picked up a second time later that day and brought to Universal Studios, where she was interrogated again “for a substantial period of time.”

The motion says that Anthony was not read her Miranda rights during questioning. It also says that Anthony was questioned immediately after her Oct.14, 2008, indictment on murder charges, despite having asked for an attorney.

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7 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Defense Team Asks Judge Perry to Suppress Statements”

  1. Sherry Says:

    Oh, good grief! Casey was not unlawfully seized or handcuffed! She was told she could leave at any time. Now, how can someone leave at any time handcuffed? The door wasn’t even locked. I guess another law lesson by Judge Perry is in order…

  2. Honeydog Says:

    All I can say is, this is certainly interesting, as these are quite serious Allegations made by The Defense— Not something at all I would think an Attorney would risk “lying” about, knowing there is Documentation to Prove otherwise. Makes me wonder though, why all this wasn’t brought-up a LONG time ago. I don’t know all the “Ins and Outs” of how the Law governs the “Order” and Procedures of “Arrests” and “Interrogations”, etc, but this being kind of a major Attack on the Law Enforcement involved, I sure hope they DID do everything right.

  3. Ann Says:

    A person is not read their Miranda rights unless they are a suspect–sooo she was not a suspect at the time of questioning.

  4. Honeydog Says:

    Thank You Ann. I don’t understand however, why Law Enforcement would immediately put a person in Handcuffs if not “suspected” of the Crime. (?)

  5. luvarns Says:

    I thought Universal Studios was where she led the police on that wild goose chase showing them her office (that she didn’t work in), taking them to a fake babysitter’s house, etc.

  6. zelda Says:

    hey John..I can’t leave a reply,what’s up

  7. zelda Says:

    well that one went through……………..eeeeeeeeek

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