First Kiss More Memorable Than Sexual Encounter

Psychologists have found that most people can remember up to 90 percent of the details of their first kiss, a memory that is more powerful that their first sexual encounter.

From ABC News:

“Think about all those date-movies where that long-awaited first kiss brings sighs and heart flutters to the audience and seals the deal between the couples on the screen,” said Sarasota, Fla., psychologist LeslieBeth Wish.

“The lips are very sensitive tissue, with many nerve endings that signal reactions such as hot and cold, sharp and soft,” she said. “These same nerve endings also activate our feelings of closeness and attachment by arousing the brain’s love chemicals such as oxytocin.”

On Valentine’s Day it is worth noting that the romantic kiss may be underrated in a fast culture that celebrates booty calls, pornography and online dating.

“Despite the casualness of sex these days, kisses still pack a serious punch,” said Wish. “Good kissers know not to swallow up the mouth of the other, not to jam their tongue down the partner’s throat or knock their teeth. Kisses are such powerful connectors that the moment of the first touch can overwhelm you with pleasure.”

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8 Comments on “First Kiss More Memorable Than Sexual Encounter”

  1. One Op Says:

    Absolutely. hands down first kiss is better. The kiss drives hormones to sex
    anticipation. The anticipation is best of all because until you get there, there is no
    two minute let down yo be experienced HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

  2. One Op Says:

    Now why did I go all over the place with that last comment? Must have made me a bit anxious or something. lol

  3. Kreuzer33 Says:

    Hmmmm….I have no comment 🙂

  4. zelda Says:

    IM’ WITH YOU OneOp;;;;;;;;;;;

    kissie kissie……………smooch smooch

    looking into the eyes,,,,,then a tender(no tongue)embrace kiss.
    Just the best………..

  5. Honeydog Says:

    Oh God *OneOp*, that was Funny! And John’s response… Priceless! I’m still laughing, thinking of how I felt like I was reading a Dirty Book with all that stuff in the Text up there, getting a little “riled” myself (LOL!), and then you come out with getting “anxious”!!!! Just too Funny!!!!

    Great Post John! I know you didn’t mean it to be, but I really needed a good Belly Laugh!!

    Lemmee outta here…….!!

  6. zelda Says:


  7. Kreuzer33 Says:

    Maybe I should consider writing romance novels…

  8. Honeydog Says:

    Oh sure, there would go your “Keep it Clean” Policy!
    ALL our Minds would be in the Gutter— in WRITING!!!! LOL!

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