Casey Anthony: It’s All About Location…Location…Location…

Judge Belvin Perry has denied a defense request for 30 days’ notice on the location of where jurors in the Casey Anthony trial will be chosen.

From WESH:

Perry said at a Friday hearing he was leaning toward giving both sides one week notice of where jury selection will take place.

At that hearing, Perry admitted concern that the way he’s conducting the change of venue could result in an appeal if Anthony is convicted.

“I’m still doing some research, still trying to see if a judge got reversed in choosing the location. I haven’t found one yet,” Perry said.

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3 Comments on “Casey Anthony: It’s All About Location…Location…Location…”

  1. annie Says:

    the nerve of bozo marie wanting to know the place for the jury selection what a wierd ball.he even gets to tell the judge well you know is there a case that the judge will get recused from the case beccause of LOCATION PEOPLE DO YOU READ THAAT?THE BAR NEEDS TO COME THE COURTROOM TO HEAR THIS ASSHOLE THATS ALL HE IS A QUACK.HE SURE DOES HAVE A LOT OF BALLS DONT HE?HE IS JUST MAKING ME SICK.THE JURY WILL SEE THAT AND THE VERDICT WILL BE GUILTY HOW ABOUT THAT BOZO MARIE.

  2. Honeydog Says:

    Well, Duh… 30 Days is asking for the Moon. Perry isn’t going to make any Flubs. He’ll do the right thing.

  3. zelda Says:


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