Alex Rodriguez, Cameron Diaz and Some Popcorn…

People need to leave Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz alone. Obviously the Super Bowl is a big game and Diaz was afraid that her boyfriend might choke…

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4 Comments on “Alex Rodriguez, Cameron Diaz and Some Popcorn…”

  1. zelda Says:


  2. Honeydog Says:

    Didn’t look near as weird when I saw it live, but all I can think of in this “still shot” is that Alex looks like a Handicapped person being fed by the Nurse! It takes steady Hands and intense-focus to make sure that Popcorn isn’t drooled out of his mouth! (I think the wrong person is wearing the Hospital Bracelet though).

  3. Swift Justice Says:

    It seems he has 2 good hands but apparently he can’t find his mouth.

    Both need medical attention now….Honeydog

  4. zelda Says:


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