Casey Anthony: Baez Won’t Answer Questions…But Enjoys a Photo Opp!

After a long status hearing in the Casey Anthony case on Friday, defense attorney Jose Baez left the courtroom and refused to answer reporters’ questions.

I did find it interesting that, according to the Orlando Sentinel article, Baez didn’t mind taking a moment to pose for a picture with a female admirer. I wonder if she finds him “dreamy” 🙂

From the Orlando Sentinel:

“Mr. Baez did not lie to anybody and you are a pain …,” Baez’s co-counsel Cheney Mason told a WFTV reporter during a combative exchange outside the courtroom Friday. At one point, Mason summoned a court deputy to escort the legal team.

The defense team would not answer questions directly related to the case either. Mason grumbled about media coverage being unfair and unbalanced.

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14 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Baez Won’t Answer Questions…But Enjoys a Photo Opp!”

  1. John, the look of awe on that woman’s face after she posed with Baez. I wonder if she will try to sell the photo on Ebay. LOL

    Cheney Mason looked very ill at ease while the hearing was going on. I think by the time he left the courtroom, he had a short fuse. Baez’s lawyering was pathetic and I am surprise Judge Perry had so much patience with him.

  2. annie Says:

    hi yes did you notice judge perry l thought he would just burst out loud but he did not.bozo marie just wants his photo taken so that the world can see his fat face that he is a celebrity lawyer defending a ass sucker that is clinging on before she gets the dealth penalty.wont say much about chenny mason but l think he is fed up with bozo marie.he cant just pick up and leave unless l quess he can always just tell the judge he is getting out.put it this way if mason stays on to see this circus noone will ever hire him or just think of him as another stupid idiot with bozo marie.for now so long folks see you later.

  3. Honeydog Says:

    “I wonder if she finds him Dreamy?” Now, John, tisk tisk, that wasn’t very nice… I do believe you’re getting sucked-in with the rest of us…… LOL!!

  4. Honeydog Says:


  5. One Op Says:

    Annie, I don’t understand a reference to bozo marie. Isn’t Caylee’s middle name

  6. Swift Justice Says:

    I bet he took her name and address for his potential JUROR LIST.

    I also bet he peed in his pants with excitement at being NOTICED.

    She obviously doesn’t realize he’s a Liar like his Felon Client.

  7. Kreuzer33 Says:

    …just had to throw it out there! 🙂

  8. cali patti Says:

    John I just have to agree with Honeydog, you are finally one of us. Yeah, I think!

  9. Kreuzer33 Says:

    Nah just had to make a joke…you know how it it 😛

  10. Honeydog Says:

    Yeah we know how it is John…. and I suppose you just had to throw it out there that Cameron Diaz was making sure that Alex “doesn’t choke” on his Popcorn! FACE IT, you can’t resist “Joining the Ranks” and admit that it IS a little Fun sometimes! LOL!! LOL!!


  11. Kreuzer33 Says:

    With my sense of humor….I crack jokes all the time 🙂 That’s the Red Sox fan in me!

  12. Honeydog Says:

    Well, good!

  13. annie Says:

    one op says getting back to what you rae saying about bozo marie you are asking me if this is caylees maries middle name and yes it is but its also casey and cindys middlename thats why l just refered that because the anthonys dont want just their first name called out the marie is supposed to there when they call the name simple.

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