Casey Anthony: Defense Motions Granted…Could Cost Taxpayers $17,000

Judge Belvin Perry granted two defense motions in the case against accused murderer Casey Anthony yesterday that could cost taxpayers up to $17,000! Whew!

From the Orlando Sentinel:

The Casey Anthony defense succeeded in getting a new infusion of state funding today to help with ongoing, pre-trial investigative costs and penalty-phase investigative costs in the first-degree murder case.

Chief Judge Belvin Perry granted a $5,000 cap for expenses related to penalty-phase work. That investigative work deals with tracking down and interviewing witnesses who can help “mitigate” the state’s case should Casey Anthony be convicted and face the death penalty.

In the end, Perry granted the 300 hours, which includes 106.2 hours already worked, in the interest of justice and getting the case prepared for trial in May, he said

The approval of 300 hours of investigative time is worth about $12,000.

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14 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Defense Motions Granted…Could Cost Taxpayers $17,000”

  1. zelda Says:

    oooooooooooooh gaaaaaaaaaaawd!
    I can’t find words any more……….
    except,……….remember Caylee……..there had better be some damned justice or I will explode.

  2. One Op Says:

    Zelda, please don’t explode.

  3. zelda Says:

    Hi there One Op!!!!!!
    I can’t help it……….it makes me nuts.
    Ok…..since YOU ask…I will try to hold it together.

    “Little soft pats on your head from me”

  4. pepper Says:

    At this point, the defense does not stand much of a chance and Judge Perry is insuring that the Defense can’t later say Casey received an unfair travel because they did not have $$ for investigation purposes.

    I must admit if a plea is accepted, I will be disappointed as I have been dying to see how far Cindy, Lee and George will go in the honesty dept when testifying. Also Casey’s expresssions should be priceless.


  5. pepper Says:

    LOL mean’t to say trial versus travel.

    “…Casey received an unfair trial because they did not have $$ for investigation purposes.”

  6. Honeydog Says:

    First, I agree with all of you (even for Zelda not to explode!).

    They were all discussing this the other night on JVM
    (the usual panel of Lawyers, Leonard Padilla, etc), and, basically, I tend to believe the overall concensus— Thus far, The Defense has done everything in their power to try to build their Case on Casey being Innocent, and avoiding a Plea Deal. At this point in time however, it is showing that The Defense realizes that they are truly up against a Brick Wall. It is a shoe-in that all the Evidence that The Prosecution recently requested be heard by the Jury (Casey’s Lies, Stealing, Partying, the Tattoo, the Shopping Sprees, and, even worse, never telling anyone that Caylee had been “abducted”, much less to Tony Lazzaro, with whom she was staying during that time-period), WILL be heard… and these things, especially, are going to take their Client down. As we hear of the neccessity of this money in the event of a Penalty Phase, it speaks loud and clear that this is what The Defense is now expecting to occur. Their efforts will shift now, to instead doing everything in their power to keep Casey
    “alive”, and, because it’s not too late for a Plea Deal to be considered, recommended, and taken, this is actually not an improbability. The particular Rope that The Defense has been hanging onto has thinned to a strand, and I can see the sense in the Panel agreeing that we will more-than-likely see them let go.

  7. zelda Says:

    HONEYDOG for 2012……..~~~~!

  8. Carolyn Says:

    @Pepper – you said it, exactly! If the judge denies funds to the defense, they will use that to say the trial was unfair! Thank you Pepper.

    Question: Does anyone remember when Kronk was first questioned, he talked of a “black” trash bag, and later on, it was a “white” trash bag? That should be worth something!

  9. Honeydog Says:

    *Zelda*, I’m SO glad you’re here— Not for the
    “Campaign Slogan” (LOL!), but because you never cease to bring a smile or laugh to me personally, no matter the seriousness of whatever we’re talking about!

  10. Honeydog Says:

    Hi *Carolyn*~ I think we all remember the
    “variations”, at different times early on, in Roy Kronk’s information to the Authorities. Although most of us believe that he had nothing whatsoever to do with Caylee’s actual “death”, some of us still question and remain skeptical about him and the circumstances of his involvement in the whole
    “Discovery”. Personally, I absolutely believe that no one else out there in this world— but Casey— would have, or have reason to, put Caylee in those Woods, as well as the strong belief that Roy Kronk AND George and Cindy’s two Private Investigators were “tipped-off”, and that Kronk, in his persistance, just happened to be the first of the three to find her. As for the differences in the Bag color, I myself can only come up with thinking that there were unclear and/or non-specific details in their Tip-offs (i.e: “It might be a black Trash Bag”.. “It could be a white Bag”.. “It might be near or under (a certain Tree)”.. “It might be near the Road”.. etc), and, looking back on the three separate trips Kronk made to that area, it was only during the third search that he actually reported SEEING what was inside the Bag— leaving me to wonder if he didn’t just simply “rush to Judgement” and “jump” on contacting the Police in the very beginning, WITHOUT touching or looking in the Bag, because he simply only saw a Bag here or a Bag there which he thought COULD have been the body. I don’t know, that part IS a mystery, and just what those differences between the “Black” one and the “White” one are “worth”, I’m sure I don’t know that either, but hopefully, the Authorities now do. I do, however, honestly think Roy Kronk was quite anxious to be the one to make the Discovery and claim the Reward, and that there would be no reason for him, OR those two P.I.’s, to be so committed to going back to those Woods over and over, unless they knew that Caylee was SOMEwhere in there— regardless of the color of the Bag itself.

  11. Carolyn Says:

    Thanks Honeydog! That all makes sense. I just can’t stand thinking that she may get away with this because someone makes some stupid mistake. (i.e. O.J.)

    I read a lot of blogs, and have yet to find one person who is siding with CMA! Has anyone?

  12. zelda Says:

    I know how you feel Carolyn………I grit my teeth when I think of her getting off on some goofy techno…….Let send good energy to the judge and would be jury.SOMEONE on that jury will think as we do…………..

  13. Carolyn Says:

    It just makes me gag when I see Bozo portraying the little sociopath Casey as a victim. Then to watch them in court as she gets up in his face and slings her hair around to flirt with him, and the obvious thrill that he gets at the attention. Sick, sick!

  14. zelda Says:

    YUp.she is a real case….even with cameras all around she does her thing.A true sociopath.And dumb old bozo is thinking with his little head and we all get to see that too……….geeeezus.

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