Daughter Stolen 23 Years Ago Returns to Family

Incredible story!

Carlina White, who was separated from her family when she was kidnapped as a baby 23 years ago, has been reunited with her biological parents, Joy White and Carl Tyson.

From the Associated Press:

On Jan. 4, a woman known as Nejdra Nance, who was raised in Bridgeport, Conn., and now lives in Atlanta, contacted White, sending along baby photos that looked nearly identical to shots of Carlina posted on a missing children’s website. Nance told White she thought she may be her daughter.

“She said she just had a feeling, she felt different from the people raising her,” said Nance’s maternal grandmother, Elizabeth White, 71. “She searched, and then she found Joy.”

Joy White contacted the New York Police Department to see if it could help investigate whether the woman was really Carlina White.

“It sounded legitimate and credible, so I had missing persons reach out to her,” said Detective Martin Brown, who fielded the call. DNA tests performed on Joy White, her ex-husband, Carl Tyson, and 23-year-old Nance matched, police said. Nejdra Nance was Carlina White.


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3 Comments on “Daughter Stolen 23 Years Ago Returns to Family”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    This is the best story ever! How incredibly amazing and wonderful! I’m even more glad that Carlina and her real Parents are still young enough to have lots of time to make-up for time lost, and that her elderly Grandmother is at least still living to be able to see and enjoy this miraculous event before the end of her life came. Happy Happy Day!

  2. Mary Beth Says:

    I am thrilled for her family! And her, of course! Like grandmother said: “Praise God! Thank you Jesus!”

  3. zelda Says:


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