Gabrielle Giffords Moving to Rehab This Friday

Some very encouraging news coming out of Tucson this morning.

According to her parents, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords will be moved to a rehabilitation center in Texas this Friday.

From CNN:

Giffords was shot in the head. In an e-mail sent to friends and family members Tuesday and obtained by CNN, Giffords’ mother, Gloria, writes that she will be moved from Tucson’s University Medical Center to rehabilitation facilities in Houston, Texas, on Friday.

“There is a team of medical specialists involved … including military surgeons who specialize in bullet wounds to the head,” the e-mail says. “They want to start aggressive rehab immediately.”

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One Comment on “Gabrielle Giffords Moving to Rehab This Friday”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    This sure brings back memories of my own Daughter’s
    “same but different” situation following her Traumatic Brain Injury after our near-fatal Car Accident— The Induced Coma, the Life-Support System, the waking-up, the first sign of Brain activity, the removal of the Respirator, transferring her to a Rehabilitation Facility, and the years-long and difficult process of trying to overcome her mental and physical losses and disabilities. I know first-hand what Gabrielle will be going through, and, like her, my Daughter was also deemed a “Medical Miracle”, and I see the same Inner Spirit, strength, and determination in Gabrielle that my Daughter showed, and, if she could do it, I know Gabrielle will do it too. It’s a very long and challenging ordeal, but the Good Lord seems to be already watching-over Gabrielle and extending her the chances and the Willpower she needs and deserves to regain her Life. I wish her every success in her attempts to Recover.

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