Antibiotics Help Childrens’ Ear Infections

This may sound like a given, but studies have found that giving young children antibiotics when doctors are certain they have ear infections will help speed up their recovery.

From CNN:

However, antibiotics do come with significant side effects including diarrhea, rashes, yeast infections and vomiting. Overuse of drugs also contributes to antibiotic resistance, so careful selection of who should take antibiotics is necessary according to 2 studies published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine.

According to one of the studies, ear infection, or acute otitis media, is the most frequently diagnosed illness in children in the United States, and most children with these ear infections are routinely given antibiotics.

But just 2 months ago, a new study confirmed practice guidelines from 2004, which recommend that children older than 2 with a confirmed diagnosis of an acute ear infection do not need to be given antibiotics because the drugs do not significantly speed up recovery.

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One Comment on “Antibiotics Help Childrens’ Ear Infections”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    Well I know this much… I’m no Doctor, but you’re talking to someone who has been prone to Ear Infections since I was little, still get them now and then, and nothing gets rid of it BUT an Antibiotic— and ALOT more quickly than without it I might add. The worse thing is the Pain, which comes from the Inner Ear being Infected, and the Infection itself needs to be treated nonetheless, no matter HOW long it may or may not take in some individuals. An Antibiotic is the only thing which effectively cures the Infection— any Infection for that matter— which, in turn, alleviates the Pain, and furthermore, I happen to know that, without this Remedy, the untreated Infection can lead to serious Inner Ear damage later on. I don’t agree with this newest Study. I’ve experienced the frequently-associated and sometimes intolerable Pain of Acute Ear Infections, and not only would I MYSELF never consider just “letting it go”, I would never leave such Infection go untreated in my Child. What’s most important is getting rid of the Infection— not how long it takes to do so.

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