Casey Anthony: Father Responds to Allegations

George Anthony has responded to allegations made in a release of documents which indicated that River Cruz told investigators that Anthony told her he believed his daughter Casey killed his granddaughter, Caylee.

From WESH:

A statement released by George Anthony’s attorneys said, “At no time did George Anthony become ‘more than friends’ with Holloway/Cruz.”

The statement also said, “At no time did George Anthony grab Casey Anthony around the neck or throw her against a wall,” and, “At no time did George Anthony confide any of his opinions or thoughts to Holloway/Cruz regarding this case.”

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10 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Father Responds to Allegations”

  1. Linda Says:

    Yeah right-yada yada yada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Linda Says:

    And, let us all remember back then George was thinking with the wrong head. Probably would have said anything.

  3. Regardless of what the so-called professionals have to say, I am skeptical of a woman that utilizes the opportunity to get a man during a time of bereavement.Bringing flowers to his wife tells me she already has some form of clue he is already committed and unavailable, not to mention that it was public knowledge his finances weren’t the best. C’mon! She has children! Why would she even entertain the thought of seeking out such a person?

    And,why does she take stage names? She can throw her hand on her heart all day long-method acting.

    So, she is saying she was in the house with Casey and George, eh? Where was the bounty hunter’s minion? Why didn’t they report this physical abuse?

  4. offthecuff Says:

    ‘Atta Boy, George. Deny, deny, deny. Make Cruz appear that she’s got a loose wheel somewhere. And you being the upstanding citizen and all.

  5. midgesmom Says:

    Like why would I believe anything Georgie says. We have seen him lie,lie,lie…and now he speaks the truth ? Judge Strickland should have said the Anthony’s and the truth are strangers. All of them !In the beginning I truley think George did tell the truth about alot of things. But then the truth took a back seat to lies and money.

  6. Molly Says:

    such specific statements they’ve made.

    George has not denied taking money from her.

    He does not deny having an affair/or sex only that they did not become “more than friends”. very vague.

    only denies “grabbing for her neck or slamming her up against the wall WHILE OUT ON BOND”, o.k. so maybe it was another day. anyway there were other people there that have spoken of this event.

    did not confide any thoughts or opinion regarding “this case”. this case, what case? George doesn’t have a case, Casey has a “case”. how odd . . .

  7. thejbmission Says:

    My thoughts exactly. You have to consider the source. A person who calls herself “River Cruz” sounds more like a River Rat to me. JMO
    What I see is this lonely, depressed Wannabee sitting in her condo watching the Nancy Grace show, realizes the Anthony’s are local and tries to buy her way into the case by befriending the Ants.
    She’s just another media hound seeking her 5mins of fame. I’d put her in the same category as Leonard Padilla. JMO

  8. Honeydog Says:

    We know this cast of Characters so well by now and how they operate, we could practically make their Statements and Denials FOR them, word for word…. And, no matter what, would we really expect to hear anything different from George’s Attorneys? This whole Fiasco consists of both a bunch of Truth and a bunch of Shit, and we’re not going to hear ANY of these people “honestly” acknowleging either one.

  9. toasty1 Says:

    Thinker Belle, JBMission: Well said! I agree! She has already made money off of this case. Enquirer etc… wait and see, see’s just warming up! She knows exactly “how to play the game”!

  10. OneOp Says:

    I agree these sisters are up to no good even if George is a liar.

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