Casey Anthony: Hearing This Afternoon…

Attorneys on both sides of the Casey Anthony case will return to court this afternoon to meet with Judge Belvin Perry where a privacy motion will be discussed. The defense hopes to keep specific witness information out of the public eye.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Today’s hearing involves a request from Anthony’s defense team to seal the names of witnesses in the event she is convicted of murder and her case goes to the penalty phase.

The penalty phase in Florida is when people who are convicted of first-degree murder are either sentenced to life in prison or death row.

The Orlando Sentinel opposes the request.

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4 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Hearing This Afternoon…”

  1. offthecuff Says:

    Is the defense trying to hide something? Would the witnesses be harassed? Does Baez have a good reason? Why not hide all info then? Did the defense harass Kronk, Amy, Jesse, Tim Miller?

  2. annie Says:

    hello to all defense always thinks they are above the law he is a piece of crap baez is.he has tried to cover the truth but could not how about that?l think jose is trying not to think casey really killed caylee but where is the proof she did not do away with the child.?the defense will try anything at this time to hide but you see the truth prevails always.the fdefense is trying to put everything on hold just to buy more time but how long is this taking?l hope the trial wont be put off thats all.take care all.

  3. I think sealing the names would be a good idea. It was made clear from the early stages that they intended for the media to run the trial. It is for this reason, in my opinion, that part of the grand jury testimony was leaked to the media.

    There are undoubtedly people that knew her differently than the person the media presented. The onlookers and lookiloos that want to insert themselves in the case to mug for the cameras or promote their books will want the most dramatic events to occur-even if they have to help make the dramatic events happen themselves.

    It was made clear-through the protesters and journalist as well-that rationale, well mannered individuals are not what they are looking for because those type of people do not line their wallets.

    Walt Disney sought to bring a fantasy world to remove children from the harsh realities of this life; the local and national media seeks to instill those harsh realities so they will permeate their very being.

    Are sociopaths born or created?

  4. Honeydog Says:

    For all the right and obvious reasons having to do with the possible effects of the public’s knowledge of such information in ANY Murder Trial, I agree. On certain issues, we have to separate our personal feelings and what WE might want, from that which is clearly understandable from the view of the Trial itself, and that which is actually justifiable by Attorneys— on either side— in carrying-out their Case. Some things are simply not neccessary for the Public to know.

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