Casey Anthony: Defense Argues to Seal Names of Witnesses

Attorneys returned to court this afternoon for a hearing in the Casey Anthony case.

Anthony’s defense team asked Judge Belvin Perry to withhold the release of the names of potential witnesses who may be called to testify if her case reaches the penalty phase.

Defense attorney Ann Finnell argued that the press has no constitutional right to pre-trial discovery and said the defense opposes the release of these witnesses.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

It has been one of this young century’s most heavily covered criminal cases, and that’s why Casey Anthony‘s defense team wants witnesses that could be used during the penalty phase of her murder trial – if it comes to that – temporarily excluded from the public spotlight.

The media covering the case, meanwhile, have an interest in maintaining access to as much information about the case as possible. The Orlando Sentinel, specifically, argues against the wholesale sealing of these witnesses’ names.

The two sides met before Chief Judge Belvin Perry Monday to argue those positions during a brief hearing. Perry reserved ruling on the issue to review the legal arguments.

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One Comment on “Casey Anthony: Defense Argues to Seal Names of Witnesses”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    For all the reasons we could think of, in ANY Murder Trial I suppose, I can actually understand their request.

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