Casey Anthony: Defense and Prosecution Must Detail Expert Testimony

Judge Belvin Perry ruled this evening that lawyers from both the prosecution and defense teams in the trial of accused murder Casey Anthony must provide detailed information about expert witnesses.

From the Sun Sentinel:

The issue stems from a complaint over lack of details provided by the defense as depositions of its witnesses are set to start. Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton filed a motion earlier this month, saying the prosecution was expecting descriptions of the testimony the defense experts are expected to give.

On Friday, Ashton said defense attorney Jose Baez has provided some basic details about the experts, but added, “He’s giving us no additional information.”

Baez responded by saying, “I quite frankly don’t know why we’re here.” He said he has responded to Ashton’s requests and provided additional information.

“We’re not here to hide anything,” Baez said. “I think this is a huge waste of time.”

The issue could have been handled better through a phone call, Baez said. Instead the court motion resulted in an unusual hearing late on a Friday due to the attorneys’ busy schedules.

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7 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Defense and Prosecution Must Detail Expert Testimony”

  1. cali patti Says:

    Just wondering if Judge Perry was offended by Baez’s comment about being a waste of time since it was Judge Perry that called this meeting?
    Actually surprized Judge Perry did not answer Baez.

  2. snoopysleuth Says:

    Cali~~it seemed quite apparent that Judge Perry was going to stick to the motion involved and show both the state and defense, he was not going to waste any of the courts time with either side’s rambling on with their opinions. I truly admired Judge Perry for the way he handled that hearing. His patience has been tried, for the last time, it appears.

  3. OnOp Says:

    No nonsense says Judge Perry! Perhaps he has pulled the plug and time to get serious in preparing for the trial. I assume not too much will be done during holidays on to mid January that would count down to about three months til deadline. I did not view the hearing today, Cheney Mason wasn’t there? No one has mentioned him re this hearing. I sometimes think Baez knows Casey is going down and has just been sucking all the time he can for her before a guilty verdict.

  4. snoopysleuth Says:

    OnOp~~Cheney Mason was present at the hearing today. He just sat with Casey and Baez at the defense table but did not get up and speak. The hearing only lasted about 20 minutes and things went swiftly.

  5. OnOp Says:

    Thanks Snoopysleuth!

  6. Honeydog Says:

    Baez “Whining” as usual. Oh sure, it’s fine when The DEFENSE files a Motion when THEY want something to be addressed and straightened-out by the Judge, but it’s a “Waste of Time” when The Prosecution does it.
    And obviously, since The Prosecution’s E-MAILS to The Defense to resolve this matter didn’t WORK, what the hell did Baez expect. He has alot of Nerve to imply that a simple Phone Call WOULD have made the difference, as if to make himself look good and make the Judge believe he didn’t have a problem with it. If he really had no problem complying, and would have just done it in the FIRST place, they WOULDN’T have needed to be there. He’s such a Butthead.

  7. FANNY WINDS Says:

    i thought it amusing, the Flabber Blabbers all think Casey should chop her hair off…wonder why?

    They are saying Cindy and Geo. are separated…that’s not a surprise.

    I think Judge Perry is a GREAT judge, and once the trial finally starts, he will make SURE their is ORDER IN THE COURT!

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