Elizabeth Edwards Dies

Elizabeth Edwards,  wife of former US Senator John Edwards, died today after a battle with breast cancer. She was 61 years old.

Thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

From WRAL:

Edwards died at her Chapel Hill home, where family and friends had gathered in recent days after doctors informed her that her cancer had spread and recommended that she not undergo further treatment.

Edwards was first diagnosed with cancer in the waning days of the 2004 presidential campaign, when her husband, then-U.S. Sen. John Edwards, was the Democratic nominee for vice president. The couple didn’t disclose her illness until after the election.

The cancer went into remission after surgery and months of treatment, but it resurfaced in early 2007, as John Edwards was mounting a second run at the White House. The Edwardses agreed at the time that they wouldn’t allow the cancer to derail his candidacy.

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14 Comments on “Elizabeth Edwards Dies”

  1. Hilde Says:

    I am so sorry to hear that!

    My Thoughts and Prayers are with Elizabeth’s Family, especially her Children.

    Even though I didn’t personally know her, I believed Elizabeth Edwards was a beautiful and strong woman
    inside and out.

  2. Kim Says:

    Rest in Peace Mrs. Edwards

  3. snoopysleuth Says:

    Elizabeth Edwards is to be admired for her courageous battle with Cancer. She also had to deal with a break down in her marriage and at a time she needed the support of her husband the most. God rest her soul. My prayers go out to her children and family.

  4. Laurali Says:

    I heard that the Doctors stopped treatment yesterday. I had really hoped that she would make it to Christmas for her children. Prayers to the family.

  5. OneOp Says:

    Was just yesterday on the news that she stopped treatment, I thought she would still have some time. What a wonderful example of woman to women. While so many are losing their dear ones, and children are being taken we need to learn and live a better life. Faith is not faith unless we put it to work in a positive uplifting way. Elizabeth Edwards surely did that, however sad her last years must have been she carried a burning candle through it all. Rest in peace, God watch over her loved ones.

  6. sophie Says:

    God bless her and her children. What a lady.

  7. knight owl Says:

    This is such sad news so close to Christmas for her children and family. She fought a tough disease and did it with grace and dignity. I was very shocked to hear she died today as i too thought she would have a little more time. I guess God thought it was time to bring her home and give her peace and rest. All my prayers go to her beautiful children and family.

  8. Honeydog Says:

    Truly Sad, Admirable, and Inspiring, all at the same time. With the on-going depth of News coverage on her Life and Times, you would think it was Jackie Kennedy who died, and it just goes to show the extent to which Elizabeth touched so many people with her Honorable Character, Outstanding Courage, and Humble and Selfless Human Qualities— and she deserves every second of it. In my eyes, Elizabeth stood for the meaning of a genuine Heroine, and someone put here on this Earth for a short time for all to observe and be reminded of what real Strength, Humility and Goodness looks like. Of all people, it’s such a shame that she could not be one of the lucky ones who overcome and beat Breast Cancer. She so deserved that. Something tells me though, that she IS at Peace, having lived her Life with such Faith, Heart, and Inner Spirit, and ultimately leaving with the kind of Fearless Acceptance and Personal Contentment which made up her Soul. She has left a great and beautiful Legacy for her Children to be extremely proud of, and one for us to not soon forget. May the Lord Bless and Keep her, and my sincere Condolences to her Family.

  9. jon Says:

    She was an inspiration to us all.

  10. knight owl Says:

    Mrs.Edwards i believe is in Heaven with her son Wade. Mr.Edwards may think he is heaven now with Reille but that in my opinion will be a fleeting thing that will never last long term as look how their relationship all started in the beginning. Mr.Edwards is in for a severe jolt as you never realize how death will actually hit you when it actually becomes a reality.

  11. cali patti Says:

    Knight Owl, I sincerely hope you correct about Reille, that entire affair I found disgusting on so many levels. For her to be forced to deal with his mess the last years she had with her family was
    over-the-top unfair.

    Mrs Edwards was not only the power behind the man but the intelligence and class.

  12. zelda Says:

    Rest in Peace Elizabeth…….

  13. kreuzer33 Says:

    An amazing woman who went through so much in the final years of her life…RIP!

  14. knight owl Says:

    Cali patti, yes i agree with what you said on the affair with Reille. Disgusting is an understatement enough had Elizabeth been a well person. Reille is a fool if she believes this cheater will stay with her long term. Who in their right mind would even want this pit of a man when he denied her child was even his for so long. This little girl was already a toddler before he ever admitted the truth. Reille is in my opinion of the same cloth as him so when he leaves her it will be her just desserts. She knew he was a married man and she also knew Elizabeth was fighting for her life and needed him by her side but she did not care about anyone else. I feel sorry for Reille’s little girl as she will grow up finding out all the nasty details and that her on Dad denied she was his until he couldn’t deny it any longer.

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