Casey Anthony: Children…Let’s Play Nice!

A status hearing earlier this week has sparked an email dispute between Casey Anthony’s lead defense attorney, Jose Baez, and prosecutor Jeff Ashton.

In a new motion just filed, Ashton believes that the defense team is attempting to avoid complying with the court’s order to give prosecutors information about what field each of their experts will be addressing in court.

WESH has a copy of the motion and the email exchange.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

A disagreement in the Casey Anthony case has led to an email spat between the defense and state prosecutors, who filed a motion Wednesday accusing the defense of trying to avoid complying with a judge’s order.

The controversy comes after the court on Monday ordered Anthony’s defense team to provide prosecutors with information about the subject matter of planned expert testimony. Since then, the disagreement arose about just how detailed that information needs to be.

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5 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Children…Let’s Play Nice!”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    Oh for God’s sake… You would think these Lawyers should already KNOW “just how detailed” the Information required to be provided to each other needs to be.

  2. OneOp Says:

    They play ping pong, ding dongs playing ping pong. imo

  3. Ina Says:

    Hi there, what is strange to me, is that everyone is upset over wikileaks (and of course some of the stuff leaked is very dangerous) but no one seems to mind that email between attorneys in a murdercase are public knowledge. I don’t know if it is a good thing or not, but it just struck me. Did those lawyers put the emails up for publication, or was there a … leak? 🙂

  4. Ina Says:

    email is public knowledge I mean. Not are.

  5. Honeydog Says:

    Hi *Ina*! Good point. Does make ya wonder….

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