Casey Anthony: Defense Files Witness List

Defense lawyers for Casey Anthony have filed an amended expert witness list which includes some big-name scientists expected to testify at the upcoming murder trial.

A few of the names can be found below, but check out the Orlando Sentinel link for the full list. LOTS of names!

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Among those on the list:

Dr. Henry Lee, the well-known criminalist and forensic pathologist often associated with the O.J. Simpson case. According to his website, Lee is founder and professor of the Forensic Science Program at the University of New Haven. During a 40-year period, Lee assisted with the investigations of some 6,000 cases.

Dr. Tim Huntington, an assistant professor at Concordia University, Nebraska, and a board-certified entomologist. Forensic entomology applies the study of insects to a legal context to help establish times of death and postmortem movement of bodies.

Richard Eikelenboom, a renowned Dutch forensic expert who, along with his wife Selma, is a partner at Independent Forensic Services, a Netherlands lab specializing in trace evidence recovery and Touch DNA testing. They are considered pioneers in the field of “Touch DNA.” Richard Eikelenboom is a DNA expert who handles blood-pattern analysis.

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12 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Defense Files Witness List”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Why would Richard Eikelenboom and wife be on the list? From memory I thought they were not able to do testing on anything.
    I’ve read a little on this man and his wife and they seem to be top notch.

  2. Linda Says:

    ohhhhhh lots of experts…… But I didn’t see David Copperfields name anywhere……….

  3. Linda Says:

    I forgot to add maybe he can make Zanny appear…….

  4. Honeydog Says:

    Gotta hand it to ’em— With 13 Experts on the list, they’re sure getting other people’s monies worth! How nice that Baez put this out there to WOW and Impress the Public… Oh I can’t say I’m not, but whether 13 or 130, still doesn’t change what’s underneath it all— Computer Searches for
    “Chloroform”.. a borrowed Shovel.. matching Duct Tape and Laundry Bag from the Home, a pre-warning to a Friend (“Car smells awful/dead Squirrel”).. statements from both knowledgable Grandparents (Decomposition odor).. conflicting Stories (“Abducted from the Apartment/Taken at the Park”).. a non-existant “Kidnapper”.. a video-taped frantic Shopping Spree, a Tattoo Parlor visit, and
    “Partying” Photos while the Child was “Missing”..
    no Kidnapping OR Missing-Person report.. and Lies upon Lies upon Lies……
    Not only will The Prosecution drive these Facts, and more, to the Jury, but they can also Prove that none of Casey’s friends had, or saw, Caylee, so it wasn’t any of them who did it, and The Defense is never going to be able to Pin this on Roy Kronk or anyone else for that matter. Personally speaking, I can’t honestly see how anybody couldn’t or WOULDN’T come to the definite Conclusion that Casey is Guilty of this Crime.

  5. jon Says:

    I would also assumed the Prosecution is going to cross-examine each of the defense “experts” and I have a feeling the state is going to have pretty sharp people on this. Just becuase they’re experts for the defense doesn’t mean their opinions are definitive as they relate to Caylee’s murder.

  6. cocacola Says:

    Is Zanny on the Defense Witness list? Also, do you think the Shovel will testify as to it’s involvement and whereabouts?

  7. One Op Says:

    cococola, And what happened to the heart sticker?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I am so tired of listening to the Leonard Padilla. Everytime he is on a show he changes how he thinks it happened. That man doesn’t know enough, he is just looking for fame that’s why he bailed Casey out in the first place. Shut up Leonard, you are driving us crazy. We know Casey is guilty and I think that the prosecutors have more than enough evidence and of course, Baez doesn’t know how to put on a case.

  9. Justice Says:

    It makes me sad to see that humans just have way too much to say. Our culture is still to far into bloodsports. Our legal system was designed to protect all that come before it. “One is innocent” until proven guilty. To many people are judgemental before all the facts are out. The legal system was designed to hear both sides. It appauls me to read that so many people who write comments on these blogs could and very well may be called to do jury duty. Its sad again to me to see that no-one in the minds of others may be innocent. Everyone is quick to judge Casey’s attorney, but he has fought and fought hard as a defense attorney. He is the kind of fighter that each and every person would want to defend them should they get accused of anytype of crime.He may not be the smoothest speaker but he don’t give up. What also bothers me is that I’m sure that all the people out there that have an opinion about this case even before its over has had a speeding ticket or at some time has had some form of contact with law inforcement. And I sure if it was a speeding ticket most spent the rest of that day denying the circumstances that led to the ticket. Or that if in a different situation law enforcement didn’t do enough. But that is when it involves you. But when it involves someone else its not even possible that law enforcement maybe or could have dropped the ball and used the media to bolster their lack of proof against Casey. One could argue circumstanial evidence is evidence. Its not evidence its speculation. Its cut and paste evidence. Lets make a story with what we have whether its fact or not. This is what TV does, filmakers do and authors do. They all create a story that draws the audience in. True or not people fall into the traps laid out for them by this type of story making. People listen to yourselves. Stop judging others. Judge yourselves.

  10. Kat Says:

    I agree so much with the last person who wrote on this and way to go and yes why doesnt every one leave it to the jury to decide and let Casey have the fair trial she and everyone else in this country deserves inclduing all of you out there who have already sent her to death row before the defense has even had a chance to defens their client and before the jury even get to decide caseys fate. And I can just see it now if the jury doesnt find her guilty or guilty of a lesser charge which could happen re the lesser charge especially then many will still contiue this lynch mob attitiude and will not leave it alone and if the jury does find her guilty and doesnt give her death tere will be those out there waiting to execute her anyways. All I can say is yes if Casey did this she deserves to pay for her terrible crime and the death of this innocent beautiful child Casey and thats wats most important but it is so sad that we out there in the public are not willing to let a defendant have a fair trail that if it were you would want and of which we all deserve even Casey Anthony. And another thing even the proseutors in this case have enough decency and law abiding attitudes to be civil to Casey and allow her the fair trial she deserves so of the state of Florida can do this and be civil when they are the ones asking for the death penalty then why can everyone else give Casey Anthony a fair trail and let the jury decide.

    Last I agree with the last writer about the fact that what if some of the people out there wirting these terrible things about Casey and kill her and she guilty ect and putting down her lawyer before she even has a fair trial then what kind of people do we have on juries and how can there be any fairness for any defendant and basically they are already convicted in the media and by the public.

    It is very scarey and lets for a minute just put ourseleves in a situation and if we were ever falsley accused but the media and public found junk in our lifes that made us look suspicious. I know Casey tops the charts with her lies and how she handled this even if it was in any way an accident or unitnentional. But she still deserves a fair trial and how would any one of us and all those out there bing so mean feel if it was them on trial and they did got get a fair trial because the media and public persecuted them and didnt give them a chance before the jury even heard the whole case and had the chance to mke their decision.And how would anyone out there feel if they actually were not guilty and were treated like this. The last writer is correct. How many people out there making all these slanderous remarks and with the lynch mob attitude have themselves been in trouble with the law like traffic ticket or something else even worse things bet there folks out there who have. And if so what do most people do like te former writer says if they get stopped for a traffic violation like speeding or going thru a stop sign? How many of you have lied to the police to get out of it or out of fear of what will happen if you get a mark on your licence.I will admit I have been guilty in my younger years of speeding and lieing to the police about it to try and get a break and out of fear that my parents would be so mad if I got the ticket. I understand that a ticket and breaking the law with such is no comparrison to what has happend in the Caseey Case and am not tryng to make it similar or make the terrible thing that happened to little Caylee seem like it compares to a traffic ticket crime and I dont think the other writer meant that either. But what point I am trying to make is in any situation that involves being approached by the police and law even something as simple as a traffic ticket,how many of us get scared especially when we were younger and if our parents are the type who might get upset and how many of us have lied to the police big time in that situation because we did not want to get in trouble. And would we want to be treated fairly and get the a fair hearing which even in a traffic ticket case we are entitled to. And how would we feel if everyone persecuted us and didnt give us a fair chance and wrote awful things about us?And last what about the small fact that after we hear Caseys defense something comes out that proves differently and that though she lied and was not right in her handling of this that she is shown not to be guilty of premditated murder or what if it really was an accident and she lied about that to and what if the defense has evidence to show this? These are all BIG what ifs and I am in no way saying this is fact. But isnt it true that for all the fair way is to let the defendant have a chance to prove their innocence and have their side be heard and if thats the wonderfulness about our justice system in this country then as citizens of this country should not we stop these terrible slanders and sometimes even profane remarks and allow even a defendant like Casey Anthony have her day in court and a fair trial with the fair chance to have her case be heard and let the jury prove her innocence or guilt. Thank you and I know this is a very hard situation and emotional because a little girl full of life is dead and in a very terrible manner which someone should pay for. If that someone is Casey then I believe the jury will do their job and th right thing but until then and until the evidence for both sides is in and the jury does decide what Casey is guitly of or is she innocent of all charges, cant we at least be civil when discussing this case and get rid of all the persecution and slanderous even profane remarks and judegements.

  11. Kat Says:

    sorry that my spelling was so bad in my above post and I apologize for making a mistake and in one area I said Cassey when I meant Caylee.

  12. Cindy Says:

    Now that the defense has started it’s witnesses, I hope they get to some more personal ones and don’t continued with simply the ‘technical info’ witnesses.

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