Casey Anthony: Judge Perry Rules on Recent Motions

Judge Belvin Perry ruled today that defense attorneys do not have to give prosecutors contracts, billing and expense records of their expert witnesses.

From CNN:

Judge Belvin Perry also ruled that any notes, photographs or video taken by the defense experts in connection to the case do have to be turned over.

The defense also has to provide the prosecution with the subject matter that each expert is planning to testify about.

Anthony appeared in court Monday, in gray slacks and a bright orange top, seemingly engaged and relaxed. She has pleaded not guilty.

Perry told the attorneys in the case to be aware of looming deadline and to expect no more postponements. The trial is set to start in May.

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4 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Judge Perry Rules on Recent Motions”

  1. Thanks for posting this John…it’s great that you keep us informed.

  2. Honeydog Says:

    I think The Prosecution knew exactly what they were doing in filing this Motion to begin with…. First, by wanting to get it out there to the Public once again and keep it Fresh in people’s Minds about the excessive amount of Defense Money they’re “footing”, but, better than this, by stirring-up Curiosity and Speculation among potential Jurors by bringing-up such Topics as “Hotels” and the “Wining and Dining” of The Defense’s Expert Witnesses. While some ordinary people wouldn’t be Swayed from believing that the relationship between The Defense and their Witnesses is on-the-level and trustworthy, it’s the others out there who WOULD think about and question whether certain “special Favors” are possibly being extended to these Witnesses in return for their going-along with The Defense, whom The Prosecution was intending and hoping to affect. Regardless of Judge Perry’s ruling, it was a clever Strategy on The Prosecution’s part, as, just by bringing these things up, it gets people “Wondering”, and perhaps, they’re hoping, a little Skeptical. Won’t matter in the end, but, for now, for The Prosecution, a little more “Tainting” through the News isn’t a bad thing.

  3. Diana Says:

    Looking at Casey Anthony yukking it up in court is amazing considering the fact that she is being charged with the murder of her baby! Unreal.

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