Report: North Korea Attacks South Korean Island of Yeonpyeong

According to reports this evening, North Korea shot dozens of rounds of artillery onto a populated South Korean island near the countries’ disputed western border. Reports also state that South Korean troops returned fire.

They’ve had footage on CNN this evening and it looks like quite a few structures are on fire. Tensions are definitely high!

Credit: Korea Times

From the Korea Times:

Dozens of North Korean artillery shells landed on a South Korean border island in the West Sea Tuesday, damaging 60-70 homes, reports said.

South Korean troops fired back, the defense ministry said.

A South Korean official said artillery shells landed on Yeonpyeong Island.

The firing came amid North Korea’s claim that it has a new uranium enrichment facility.

From the Wall Street Journal:

A spokesman for South Korea’s joint chief of staff confirmed the exchange but didn’t have details except to say “scores of rounds” were fired by the North.

The artillery—more than 50 rounds, according to island residents speaking on YTN—was fired from positions south of the North Korean city of Haeju.

The attack started at 2:34 p.m. local time, according to residents who were speaking on the TV network. There were no immediate reports of injuries.

About 1,200 people live on the island, which is 10 kilometers south of the tip of North Korea’s south coast.

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8 Comments on “Report: North Korea Attacks South Korean Island of Yeonpyeong”

  1. Report: North Korea Attacks South Korean Island of Yeonpyeong ……

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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  3. OneOp Says:

    Are US troops still in South Korea? Somebody is itching for a fight!

    I watched a movie ‘Pearl Harbor’ last evening. It had a love story and I am sure in reality there really are a lot of love stories. But I was more impacted by what happened there than ever before. Excellent portrayal.

    Many may have forgotten much about it since 9/11. Very impressed by the likeness in our immediate unpreparedness and out governments slow and neglectful response to any thought of a threat or where it may happen. Did this movie come out after or before 9/11.

  4. kreuzer33 Says:

    Pearl Harbor was released in theaters four months before 9/11.

  5. OneOp Says:

    Four months. Of course we never gave a thought of what could be just around the corner at that close time. Interesting I think. Thanks John.

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in case I don’t get back on til after.

  6. Georgie Says:

    That’s the last thing America needs is involvement in another war!

  7. zelda Says:

    I say we butt out and let China take care of it……….of course we won’t.It’s a pretty complex
    deal to NOT get involved in wars ……..this is a doozy. Politics anyone?

    Nine years in Afghanistan so far.Lots of progress there eh?
    I am too weary to comment on anything any more………what a world we have made.

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